Is The Grant Plant a funder?

No. We are a small business that helps organizations apply for grants. Please do not submit your grant requests directly to us, as it will be deleted/destroyed to protect your confidentiality. 

Can you help me with a grant I submitted?

We recommend you contact the funder directly for help. Even if the grant you applied for is listed as a grant opportunity on our website, because a third party provides the grant application platform, we have limited access to troubleshooting techniques.

I need a grant to pay my bills. Can you help?

Grants are not available to help individuals pay their bills. If you need help paying for healthcare, childcare, utilities, or other personal expenses, we recommend calling The United Way of Central New Mexico’s free referral helpline at 211 or use its free online database to search for support. You can also talk to your medical provider, utility company, or landlord about whether they have an assistance fund. If your problem is related to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can also look for special support on our joint project with Pivotal NM and 501(C)PA, the COVID Funding Resource Center.

I’m an individual, not an organization. Can I get a grant? 

We work with nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions. There are only a few circumstances in which individuals are eligible for grants; they’re typically fellowships and artistic opportunities designed to take your work to the next level. Generally, you’re better off seeking a microloan from a trusted Community Development Financial Institution.  

I represent a for-profit company. Are there grants for my organization?

There are some public funding streams, including cooperative agreements or contracts, for which your organization might be eligible. However, that’s not part of our expertise. We recommend that you find a consultant who works with for-profit companies. For Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) and Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants for high-growth, high-tech companies, we recommend contacting the New Mexico Federal and State Technology partner program, NMFAST

I want to start a nonprofit. Can I get a grant for that?

In general, grants are available to organizations that already have 501(c)(3) designation by the IRS. If you want to start a nonprofit, we recommend reaching out to our friends at the Center for Nonprofit Excellence or Rio Grande Community Development Corporation

Does The Grant Plant work with organizations outside of New Mexico? 

Yes! While we’re based in Albuquerque and have our roots in New Mexico, we work with nonprofit clients around the nation. We’re proud to have team members around the country — in Virginia, Ohio, and California—who also provide insight into grants and nonprofits in their regions.

How about outside of the U.S.?

No. At this time, we do not offer international services.

Can you teach me how to write grants?

The Grant Plant routinely offers training and education to its community partners, usually on a specific grant opportunity or a certain part of the grant process. If you are looking for in-depth training for yourself, your staff, or for capacity building for your organization, please see our Capacity Building page  and reach out to our sister organization, Pivotal NM.  

Is The Grant Plant paid only if I get the grant?

No. In the fundraising profession, it’s considered unethical to be personally vested in the outcome of a grant proposal. Our fees are based on a combination of factors that include the nuances of the project and our history working with the client. Payment is made up front to schedule the project or on an agreed-upon timeline.

Here’s more information about the code of ethical standards we follow:  

Are you hiring?

We are always interested in hearing from people with grant development experience who are able to channel their talent and expertise for effective grant seeking. Please visit Join Our Team for other current opportunities and information on how to apply. 

How long does it take to prepare and submit a grant?

It depends on how complex the application is and how long we’ve worked with you. Generally, we like to have at least 30 days notice before a foundation or corporate deadline, and 60 days before a state or federal deadline. Our fee structure takes the lead time into account, as well as the number of hours we think a project will take. We like to allocate about 10-20 hours for foundation and corporate, 40-60 hours for state and national foundations, and upwards of 100 for federal projects.

I’m about to submit my grant proposal but would like someone else to review it. Does The Grant Plant do that? 

Yes! We can review your proposal  to evaluate and improve upon its competitiveness and compliance in accordance with the grant maker’s guidelines. We’ll give you suggestions for re-writes, editing, re-organization, or other helpful tips to make your proposal stand out. We like to see it a week before it’s due so you have time to incorporate our feedback. 

What services do you offer to funders – if any?

Sure! We see so many grant applications, processes, and instructions that we often help funders ensure their processes are accessible and “right-sized” for grantees.

I can write my own grant. I just need help finding the right funders. Can The Grant Plant help? 

Absolutely. We can work in partnership with you or your development staff to identify the public agencies, foundations, and corporations that are a good fit with your organization’s work. Once you have that pipeline, you can write the proposals or we can continue to work together on an ongoing basis.

Are Tara and Erin twins?

Nope — but they are sisters and they do share the same birthday!