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Deadline: November 15, 2019

Aaron Copland Fund for Music: Recording Program

In keeping with his lifelong devotion to contemporary music, Aaron Copland created the Aaron Copland Fund for Music. The Fund’s purpose is to encourage and improve public knowledge and appreciation of contemporary American music. The Recording Program’s objectives are to:

  • Document and provide wider exposure for the music of contemporary American composers
  • Develop audiences for contemporary American music through recorded performances in physical and online media
  • Support the production of new recordings of contemporary American music and the reissuance of significant recordings that are no longer available

The Fund is interested primarily in supporting recordings of works by living American composers and those who are recently deceased. The Fund favors works that were composed more recently.

Amount: In general, grants will not exceed $20,000. Grants will generally not exceed 50% of the total project costs.

Eligibility: Nonprofit professional performance ensembles, presenting institutions, and nonprofit or commercial recording companies.

Link: https://grants.coplandfund.org/programs

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