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Deadline: January 7, 2016

Agricultural Safety and Health Council: Agricultural Safety Grants

The purpose of the Agricultural Safety and Health Council (ASHCA) Safety Grants Program is to encourage and provide financial support for agricultural safety and health interventions at the local and/or regional level in order to facilitate timely application of evidence-based safety/health strategies to protect agricultural workers. With a theme of “strengthening partnerships for safety” the priority for ASHCA’s grants are:

  1. Programs that engage both management and workers in the planning and implementation of successful injury reduction programs.
  2. “Hands-on” training initiatives that will increase workers’ adoption of proven safety practices and be sustained beyond the grant period.
  3. Initiatives that reach under-served or high-risk populations, e.g., non-English speaking workers.

Amount: Up to $10,000.

Eligibility: Applicants are expected to be engaged in agriculture-related production, education/training, and/or research. The key contact will generally meet one or more of the following criteria: a) farm/agribusiness owner; b) agricultural organization representative; c) agricultural community-based organization or service leader; d) service leader; d) agribusiness risk manager or safety advisor; e) safety or public health academic instructor; and/or f) an agricultural youth organization representative.

Link: http://www.ashca.org/safety-grants-program/

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