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Deadline: April 2, 2018

America’s Farmers: Grow Rural Education

America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education is sponsored by the Monsanto Fund and helps farmers positively impact their communities by supporting local school districts. Specifically, the program gives farmers the opportunity to nominate a rural public school district in their community to compete for a merit-based grant to enhance education in the areas of math and/or science.

Grow Rural Education funds many different types of projects focused on science, technology, engineering and/or math every year. The range of projects funded each year is broad and examples include, but aren’t limited to, starting or renovating greenhouses or school gardens, creating makerspaces, purchasing technology for math or science classrooms, and updating science lab equipment.

Amount: A total of $2,300,000 is available to award grants. Grants of either $10,000 or $25,000 will be awarded.

Eligibility: A farmer must nominate a public school district to apply or a charter school if the charter is a public school district according to NCES (National Center for Education Statistics). Farmers must be at least 21 years of age and be actively engaged in farming with a minimum of 250 acres of corn and/or soybeans and/or cotton; and/or 40 acres of open field vegetables; or at least 10 acres of tomatoes, peppers and/or cucumbers grown in protected culture

Link: https://www.americasfarmers.com/grow-rural-education/

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