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Deadline: August 15, 2019

AmerisourceBergen Foundation: Opioid Resource Grant Program

AmerisourceBergen Corporation provides pharmaceutical products, value-driving services, and business solutions that improve access to care. The AmerisourceBergen Foundation supports health and education-related causes that enrich the lives of the company’s global community. The Foundation’s Opioid Resource Grant Program is dedicated to generating ideas from those who know best, tapping into bright and innovative organizations across the U.S. It will support organizations that present proposals that describe how AmerisourceBergen Foundation can best contribute resources and funding to address opioid misuse. Grants will be awarded for the most innovative and constructive solutions and priority will be given to concepts addressing three key areas of focus:

  • Safe disposal management programs
  • Prevention education
  • Pilot programs for new ideas related to pre- and post-treatment activities

Applications focusing on education may include new concepts or approaches, or proven models. Education initiatives may address a wide spectrum of needs, and priority will be given to the effective dissemination of the following topics:

  • Provider education about appropriate opioid prescribing
  • Patient education about the risks and effects of prescription opioids, and what to do if they have concerns about addiction
  • Public education, especially aimed at rural communities
  • Training to reduce youth risk factors, and boost protective factors, such as decision-making skills for problem solving and resisting peer pressure
  • Addiction as a childhood onset condition
  • Preventing teens from initiating problematic opioid use
  • Advising parents of teens to lock up prescription opioid medications and dispose of old pills
  • How youth can effectively cope when living with adults with addiction

Amount: Grants are expected to average $50,000-$75,000.

Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit hospitals, health systems, or affiliated entities are required to develop a collaborative partner submission with two other nonprofit organizations, one of whom will serve as lead applicant and fiduciary. This is required to demonstrate public benefit. Municipalities and their departments may apply for product donations only.

Link: https://www.amerisourcebergen.com/abcnew/foundation

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