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Deadline: February 13, 2015

Bank of America Charitable Foundation: Workforce Development and Education

The Bank of America Charitable Foundation supports the needs vital to the health of communities through a focus on preserving neighborhoods, educating the workforce for 21st century jobs, and addressing basic human services. The 2015 Jobs: Workforce Development and Education RFP provides financial support to nonprofits, business initiatives to establish employment pathways, and employee volunteerism such as mentoring and teaching better money habits. Philanthropic giving is focused in the following areas: 1) Investing in the workforce; and 2) Connecting youth to employment.

Investing in the Workforce grants strive to connect individuals, through community college, career programming and entrepreneurship to the skills needed to succeed in 21st century jobs, emphasizing those with skills mismatch. Examples include:

  • Community and vocational college opportunities: traditional or accelerated degree, credential, or certification programs leading to employment.
  • Skill development: job training and retraining programs with comprehensive supportive services for individuals facing challenges entering or reentering the labor force. Support services include personal financial management skills, career counseling, interview skills, resume-building, case management, etc.
  • Better money habits: programs providing ongoing financial education and coaching to empower adults to make healthy financial choices that will lead them to economic success.
  • Supporting social enterprise and small business: providing technical assistance to create, expand, and sustain social enterprises and small businesses, which in turn builds their capacity to create and retain jobs.

Connecting Youth to Employment grants strive to connect young people/teens to first time work opportunities and recognizing service as a pathway to gaining employment and leadership skills. Examples include:

  • High school and college matriculation and graduation: opportunities that help students move from middle to high school and high school to post-secondary success (including at the community college level).
  • Skill development and job training: programs that provide soft and hard skill training coupled with opportunities for cross-sector career exposure including social enterprise jobs, service and community engagement opportunities, internships, and apprenticeships.
  • Better money habits: empowering the next generation with tools and support to learn better money habits and become financially capable resulting in greater chances of success in school and career.
  • Mentoring: programs connecting the next generation to committed and caring adults for structured, ongoing relationships that support high school and college success as well as soft and hard skill development.

Amount: Average award amounts range from $5,000 to $25,000.

Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations located in areas of Bank of America company operations.

Link: http://about.bankofamerica.com/en-us/global-impact/charitable-foundation-funding.html

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