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Deadline: January 10, 2016

Calvin Institute of Christian Worship: Vital Worship Grants

The Vital Worship Grants Program at the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship seeks to foster vital worship in congregations, parishes, and other worshiping communities in North America. This grants program is especially focused on projects that connect public worship to intergenerational faith formation and Christian discipleship, a theme that can unfold in many facets of worship from Bible reading to preaching to Baptism and Lord’s Supper, intercessory prayer, congregational song, visual arts, and more.

The Institute has published guidelines as to what it has learned from past grants to help guide planning, available here: http://worship.calvin.edu/resources/resource-library/worship-renewal-what-we-have-learned/

Amount: Grants range from $5,000-$15,000.

Eligibility: The Institute encourages grant proposals developed through a collaborative process from emerging and established churches; seminaries, colleges, and schools; hospitals, nursing homes and other organizations.

Link: http://worship.calvin.edu/grants/

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