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Deadline: August 12, 2019

Cedar Tree Foundation: Regenerative Grazing Initiative

Cedar Tree Foundation supports the expansion of regenerative grazing practices as a strategy to improve soil health and address the threat of climate change. Regenerative grazing is a valuable tool that can help land managers to increase their soil organic matter and improve overall soil health, thereby achieving multiple environmental benefits while increasing their resilience to floods and droughts. These environmental benefits include reduced erosion and runoff from farm fields, increased biodiversity, improved wildlife habitat, and increased carbon sequestration.

By increasing the number of farmers, ranchers, and other land managers using regenerative grazing practices, the Foundation aims to achieve broad recognition by farmers of the value of regenerative grazing for building soil health. As more acres benefit from regenerative grazing, there will also be more evidence and advocates to support the policy changes needed to incentivize regenerative grazing.

An ideal applicant for this initiative will have both a network of contacts with native ranchers and an interest in demonstrating alternative grazing systems that seek to replicate the historical impact of the buffalo herds. These systems involve more infrastructure (e.g., fencing, water) and more labor (e.g., frequent moves of the herd) in return for higher yields and greater resilience. An ideal applicant will also have the potential to scale up a successful pilot project.

The Foundation is especially interested in work that will address one or more of the following:

  • Demonstrate the potential for intensive grazing on tribal lands through high-visibility pilot projects
  • Expand the number of farmers and ranchers adopting regenerative grazing practices, including the next generation of grazing practitioners
  • Train and empower native producers as advocates and effective spokespeople for regenerative grazing
  • Increase the cultural acceptance of intensive grazing management as a valuable tool for improving soil health
  • Regranting programs that support any of the above

Amount: Five to seven grants will be awarded that range from $50,000- $150,000 per year for two to three years. There is a possibility that grants will be renewed.

Eligibility: The Foundation seeks to support tribal partners who will advance grazing practices on land within reservation boundaries. Organizations must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Native-led organizations with experience in agriculture and grazing, and a desire to promote an alternative style of grazing management
  • Organizations with a strong background in promoting sustainable grazing, and experience working successfully with tribal partners
  • Experience using a regranting model in Indian country to support agriculture-related initiatives with funding, technical assistance, and more
  • Partnerships between the above are welcome

Note: Over the past year, the Foundation has been building relationships and learning from multiple individuals working with native-led organizations. While it anticipates funding requests from several of those organizations, it also values an open application process and will consider additional inquiries from all U.S. states.

Link: http://cedartreefound.org/sustainable-grazing-initiative

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