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Deadline: June 3, 2016

CHANEL Corporate Foundation: Women’s Empowerment

Fondation CHANEL works toward improving the social and economic living conditions of women and young girls, regardless of their origins. Its vocation is to promote women’s access to economic resources and entrepreneurship, to education and training, to leadership and decision-making, to health and social protection, as well as sport and culture as important levers for social and economic integration. It is currently accepting proposals that fall fall within the objectives of the foundation, contributing to women’s empowerment through one or more of its intervention areas:

  • Access to economic resources and entrepreneurship: Promote access to employment and entrepreneurship as way to reduce discrimination and to foster financial independence.
  • Education and training: Promote access to education, vocational training, and communication and information technologies as basic requirements to take up a job and to durably improve women’s social and economic situation.
  • Leadership and decision-making: Strengthen the self-confidence, the capacity for expression and for action of young girls as key success factors and means to promote gender equality.
  • Women and girls’ health and social protection: Secure access to healthcare and social protection as a crucial prerequisite to autonomy.
  • Culture and sports for social inclusion: Encourage sport and cultural activities as tools of personal development and levers of social and professional integration.

Amount: Funding will range between $35,000-$250,000 per year. Projects should be 2-3 years.

Eligibility: Non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations, social enterprises, international organization, national or regional funds, associations. Organizations must have nonprofit status. Projects should be located in Latin America, Europe, Japan, Southern Africa, or the United States.

Link: http://projets.fondationchanel.org/en/

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