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Deadline: March 26, 2015

Children, Youth and Families Department, Protective Services Division: Children’s Justice Act Grant (CJAG)

The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to establish multiple-contractual awards through competitive negotiations on behalf of the Children’s Justice Act Advisory Group (CJAAG), the Children’s Justice Act (CJA) state task force in New Mexico; and to design projects to improve the handling of civil and criminal child maltreatment cases to improve the investigations, prosecution, and judicial handling of cases of child abuse and neglect in New Mexico.

Grant funds shall be used specifically to implement the New Mexico State Task Force recommendations in the following three categories (the three categories from Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act [CAPTA]):

  • CATEGORY A: Investigative, administrative, and judicial handling of cases of child abuse and neglect, including child sexual abuse and exploitation, as well as cases involving suspected child maltreatment related fatalities and cases involving a potential combination of jurisdictions, such as interstate, Federal-State, and State-Tribal, in a manner which reduces the additional trauma to the child victim and the victim’s family and which also ensures procedural fairness to the accused.
  • CATEGORY B: Experimental, model, and demonstration programs for testing innovative approaches and techniques which may improve the prompt and successful resolution of civil and criminal court proceedings or enhance the effectiveness of judicial and administrative action in child abuse and neglect cases, particularly child sexual abuse and exploitation cases, including the enhancement of performance of court-appointed attorneys and guardians ad litem for children, and which also ensure procedural fairness to the accused.
  • CATEGORY C: Reform of State laws, ordinances, regulations, protocols, and procedures to provide comprehensive protection for children from abuse, including sexual abuse and exploitation, while ensuring fairness to all affected persons.

In order to meet the State Task Force recommendations from the CAPTA Section A, the CJAAG is soliciting proposals for projects such as:

  • Developing curricula and conducting training for personnel in law enforcement and child protective services, as well as health and mental health professionals, prosecutors, and judges. This may include attention to issues of trafficking and exploitation within child welfare.
  • Establishing or enhancing child advocacy centers and other multidisciplinary programs to serve child victims and their families in order to minimize trauma.
  • Establishing and supporting local and/or State child fatality review teams, including multidisciplinary training, team development, and annual reporting.
  • Monitoring the implementation of the State Task Force’s recommendations and continuing interagency collaboration in carrying out the intent of the Act.

In order to meet the State Task Force recommendations from the CAPTA Section B, the CJAAG is soliciting proposals for:

  • Projects responding to human trafficking focused on systems improvement in response to cases of child maltreatment. Examples of appropriate use of CJA funds in human trafficking include trainings on recognizing trafficked or exploited children for first responders, training / collaborative efforts between child protective services and law enforcement, and/or development of procedures or a resource (tool kit) for professionals to address trafficking or exploitation. Other areas might focus on policies and procedures to promote successful prosecution of the traffickers/exploiters and ways to reduce child victim trauma

In order to meet the State Task Force recommendations from the CAPTA Section C, the CJAAG is soliciting proposals for:

  • Projects that support the enactment of laws to improve system response, including allowing the admission of indirect testimony of children into evidence, making the courtroom setting less intimidating to children, increasing the penalties for sexual offenses against children, requiring mandatory sentencing, shortening the trial process, and permitting victims to make statements prior to sentencing.

Amount: A total of $132,000 is available annually. Approximately five projects between the approximate amount of $20,000-$50,000 for each fiscal year.

Eligibility: A public/private nonprofit corporation 501(c)(3); a government agency including public schools; tribal entities and institutions of higher education; a not-for-profit community-based organization; or a for-Profit corporation which is able to provide services described. Collaborative entities and coalitions may also be considered for funding.

Link: http://www.generalservices.state.nm.us/statepurchasing/ITBs__RFPs_and_Bid_Tabulation.aspx

Note: The Acknowledgment of Receipt for proposals form is due by February 26, 2015 for an organization to be placed on the procurement distribution list. A pre-proposal conference (recommended but not mandatory) will be held on February 26, 2015.

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