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Deadline: February 5, 2019

Children’s Theatre Foundation of America: Founders Grant Concept Development Fund

The Children’s Theatre Foundation of America (CFTA) challenges and supports theatre artists to achieve excellence in service to young people. CFTA’s Foundation Grant Concept Development Fund will support the development of new and innovative concepts and approaches to theatre for young audiences that:

  • Have the potential to demonstrate diversity, racial equity, and inclusion
  • Promote the involvement of communities that have been historically disadvantaged and socially and politically excluded based on race
  • Serve as a model to address issues of social justice and inclusion

CTFA understands that idea development time needs an underwriter. The Founders Concept Development Fund Grant allocations will support the creative process needed to develop innovation and think beyond the box.

CTFA is looking for the most creative and visionary ideas that will advance the field of theatre for young audiences nationally, particularly projects that display the following:

  • Are in the early germination stage
  • Break new ground
  • Focus on the planning process of the development of an innovative concept for theatre
  • Will make a significant difference in the field of theatre for young audiences, not in just one community or one theatre but can be applied nationally
  • Can use CTFA funding to make a difference in the outcome of the project

Amount: Grants of up to $2,000 will be awarded.

Eligibility: The following may apply:

  • Tax-exempt, nonprofit theaters in the United States, established for at least three consecutive years, with a demonstrable record of artistic quality. Theatres not previously known for producing work for young and family audiences may apply, but the specific project under consideration must serve children, youth, schools, communities, and/or families.
  • Individual theatre artists in the United States working on the creation of a play, production, or project with a strong potential for innovation and artistic excellence. Projects may be initiated by playwrights, scenic, sound, lighting, and/or costume designers, directors, teachers, etc.
  • Teams of theatre artists and collaborators from a variety of disciplines outside of theatre seeking to explore new approaches to form and content in theatre for youth (TYA) (i.e. scientists, educators, historians, psychologists, visual artists, etc.). At least one of the collaborating partners must be a certified nonprofit that has been established for at least three consecutive years and has a demonstrable record of artistic quality.

Link: http://www.childrenstheatrefoundation.org/page9/page11/

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