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Deadline: November 26, 2019

City of Albuquerque: Social Services and Behavioral Health Services – Filling Gaps in Service to Prevent and Address Criminal Involvement by Youth

The Social Services and Behavioral Health program will support non-profit and government entities that provide services that lead to improved outcomes for youth who are at-risk of, or have a documented history of, gang involvement, or association to delinquent/criminal groups, history of engaging in delinquent behaviors, or violence, including but not limited to, violent crime and/or gun violence. Offers will be expected to measure and report how proposed activities will improve the following outcomes:

  1. Increase Behavioral Health Stability
  2. Increase Public Safety
  3. Increase Individual and Family Resilience

This opportunity is structured to provide a description of the problem and describe why it is important to provide services, yet does not specify required program models or other directives about how these services are to be provided. Instead, Offerors are encouraged to propose solutions to this community issue, providing an opportunity for innovation and collaboration to develop services that may not already exist in the community.

The City will support proposed projects aimed at filling in gaps of service to prevent and address gang/delinquent behavior, criminal involvement, violence, and criminal acts perpetrated by children/youth/young adults through age 24. Offers will be evaluated on how the proposed project will effectively respond to immediate referrals from outside entities, and/or serve children/youth who exhibit high-risk indicators. High-risk indicators may include, but not be limited to, engagement in gun-related violence, perpetration of violent acts that result in violent injury and/or hospitalization, school suspensions in elementary/middle school, violent behavior resulting in school infractions/juvenile justice referrals, repeat cases of child maltreatment, alcohol and drug use, and/or other indicators.

Amount: The City will allocate up to $733,000.

Eligibility: An agency which is a unit of state or local government and/or an agency currently incorporated as a nonprofit corporation, duly registered and in good standing with the State of New Mexico Secretary of State, which has not-for-profit status under 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service Code and which has demonstrated capability in providing the services for which it is applying.

Link: https://www.cabq.gov/family/partner-resources/request-for-proposals

Note: There will be an optional, non-mandatory pre-proposal meeting on Wednesday, October 30, 2019 from 1:00-2:00 p.m. in the City Council Committee Room, New City Hall, One Civic Plaza, 9th Floor, Room #9081, Albuquerque, NM.

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