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Deadline: April 23, 2018

City of Santa Fe: Alternative to Detention Programs Santa Fe Regional Juvenile Justice Board

The Santa Fe Regional Juvenile Justice Board (SFRJJB) aims to support the success of Santa Fe’s youth through community and family. The vision is to know where the juvenile justice system needs support so as to engage the community in solutions and to galvanize community resources for prevention and immediate intervention, thereby improving the lives of our youth, their chances for success, and building a healthier community. The purpose of this funding opportunity is to:

  • Establish a continuum of cost effective services and temporary, non-secure alternative to detention in the City of Santa Fe for youth who have been arrested or referred to juvenile probation and parole or are at risk of such referral
  • Establish rich programing that is diverse, culturally competent, and gender responsive, including educational, vocational, behavioral health, medical care, and other services
  • Develop individualized service plans addressing carefully assessed needs, strengths, and risks
  • Increase emphasis on prevention and early intervention in the juvenile justice system

Specifically, the SFRJJB is seeking proposals for programs in the following alternative to detention categories:

1. Intensive Community Monitoring (ICM): Juveniles selected by the Children’s Court Judge to enter the ICM will be less likely to be placed in secure detention. Referrals will be received from the Santa Fe County Juvenile Probation and Parole (JPPO) and First Judicial District’s Children’s Court to place offenders in ICM. ICM will occur with respect to school attendance and report cards, compliance with the JPPO plan, and compliance with court orders. Random house, school, and jobsite visits will also be conducted. Phone calls and face to face meetings will track the compliance of each client. Services must be provided for no more than 68 unduplicated juveniles.

2. Educational Re-Engagement Specialist: The program is designed to re-engage youth who have been in detention or a client of juvenile probation back into and educational setting, preferable a school or a school based alternative educational program. Services must be aligned with the JPPO to re-engage clients back into an educational setting for 30 youth. Activities include receiving referrals from JPPO for clients who are leaving detention or a residential treatment center and integrating clients back into his or hers home school or other alternative educational settings. Applicants should have knowledge of the school system re-enrollment process.

3. Educational Wrap Around Services: This program will aid students and families in a local elementary school in education and also social and economic needs. This program must be able to assess needs and deliver necessary resources to both students and families. An educational wrap around services program will be provided at Cesar Chavez Elementary School. A total of 146 unduplicated youth will be served.

Amount: Not stated. Contract awards will be made.

Eligibility: Applicants are expected to have:

  • Five years of experience working with the disconnected youth population
  • Knowledge of the juvenile justice system and school system and alternative educational settings
  • Ability and knowledge to work with other organizations that provide additional services to clients and families
  • Ability to collect and report monthly data to the City (data collection parameters are already in place)

Link: https://www.santafenm.gov/bids_rfps/detail/1839p

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