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Deadline: April 22, 2019

City of Santa Fe: Collaborative Arts Marketing Program

The Collaborative Arts Marketing Program is designed to develop citywide, multi-partner arts events for the purposes advertising, publicizing, and promoting tourist-related attractions, facilities, and events, specifically as they relate to nonprofit art activities and nonprofit performing arts in Santa Fe. For the purpose of this program, collaborative arts marketing is defined as a complementing effort between two or more nonprofit arts organizations that is based on a common theme, art form, season/time of event, audience/desired audience, and/or geography. The marketing effort must be designed to attract audiences to visit multiple partner events, venues, attractions, etc. through a single cohesive brand. The collaborative effort should provide value to other business sectors such as galleries, hotels, and restaurants through affiliated partnership opportunities.

Amount: Contract amounts will not exceed $30,000.

Eligibility: Collaborative efforts must be based in nonprofit arts activities. At least two of the partners must meet the City of Santa Fe Arts Commission’s eligibility guidelines of being a Santa Fe-based, IRS 501(c)3 arts organization, with a State of New Mexico Incorporation Certificate and City of Santa Fe business registration number. Activities related to the collaborative must take place in the northern portion of Santa Fe County (i.e. Madrid/Galisteo to northern boundary of the county).

Link: https://www.santafenm.gov/bids_rfps/detail/1932p

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