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Deadline: June 30, 2015

Classics for Kids Foundation: Stringed Instrument Grants

The Classics for Kids Foundation (CFKF) aims to bridge the funding gap and enhance school music programs by providing matching grants for beautiful new stringed instruments. Due to budget restraints, many schools around America have been forced to purchase poor quality instruments. Poor quality instruments are made of inferior materials, are difficult to play and keep in tune, break easily, have poor sound quality, need to be repaired often and do not inspire our children to learn.

CFKF provides grants for high quality instruments because of these attributes:

  • They’re easier to tune and play
  • They contribute to a better and more effective classroom
  • They’re tonally superior
  • Better durability and longevity
  • They inspire kids to practice and stay involved with their program

Amount: CFKF provides matching funds of 50% of the cost toward buying high quality instruments.

Eligibility: School music programs in the United States.

Link: http://www.classicsforkids.org/grants.html

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