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Deadline: June 21, 2017

Con Alma Health Foundation: Technical Assistance Grants

Con Alma Health Foundation is organized to be aware of and respond to the health rights and needs of the culturally and demographically diverse peoples and communities of New Mexico. The Foundation seeks to improve the health status and access to health care services for all New Mexicans and advocates for a health policy, which will address the unmet health needs of all New Mexicans. Con Alma defines health broadly to include not only physical health, but also mental, emotional, behavioral, social, oral, environmental, economic, and spiritual health and well-being. This definition represents an approach to both individual and community well-being which impacts local and statewide health systems.

The Foundation is committed to strengthening the nonprofit sector and to serving as a resource for nonprofits and communities in New Mexico. The Technical Assistance (TA) Grant Cycle is designed to strengthen the nonprofit sector and address the need for capacity building and technical assistance both for the sector and among nonprofits in New Mexico. The technical assistance is described as the organizational, programmatic, and/or collaborative effectiveness that provides the ability of a organization, program, and/or collaborative effort to marshal its knowledge, skills, and other resources to effectively fulfill its purpose. Technical Assistance grants assist nonprofits, their programs, and/or their collaborative efforts to ensure that they are equipped to deliver programs and/or collaborative strategies that serve the community.

Grants are expected to result in a higher level of capacity, which will, in turn, contribute to a higher, sustainable level of community service for the culturally and demographically diverse peoples and communities of New Mexico. Priority will be given to requests for funding that are collaborative in nature, are systems oriented, and strengthen/increase the capacity of the nonprofit sector, or some aspect of the sector – vs. capacity building for an individual organization. The Foundation recognizes that there may be some cases where capacity building for an individual organization is critical to the wellbeing of a target population or community, e.g., rural, tribal, and culturally diverse communities.

Amount: Grants range from $2,500-$10,000.

Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations and organizations applying through a fiscal sponsor are eligible to apply. Activities must occur (or benefit the people) in the state of New Mexico. An organization may apply for a TA grant even if it has applied separately for another grant cycle from the Foundation within the same year.

Link: https://conalma.org/grantmaking/for-grant-seekers/

Note about technical assistance providers: An applicant organization may use an individual consultant, nonprofit, or for-profit organization, or the applicant organization as the TA provider. However, it is recommended that if an outside provider is used, the applicant withhold a minimum of 10% for its direct costs and overhead.

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