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ConocoPhillips SPIRIT of Conservation and Innovation

Deadline: June 29, 2017

The ConocoPhillips SPIRIT of Conservation and Innovation program supports habitat restoration, water and biodiversity conservation, and innovative conservation projects. The program is a partnership among ConocoPhillips, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. In 2017, grant funding will be awarded in two categories:

1. Water Innovation: This category will support projects that make significant advancements, through innovation, for water conservation to benefit species or their habitats. Preference will be given to projects that can quantify the benefits to species. Funding will primarily support the following strategies.

  1. Develop and/or field test new innovative water and/or species conservation tools and techniques, specifically: beneficial reuse of wastewater or produced water that benefit species or local water resources; re-introduction of extirpated native aquatic species; invasive aquatic species management; determination of in-stream flow needs; in-stream flow restoration for habitat conservation and restoration; collaboration tools that bring together water experts across multiple sectors and parties for the purpose of aquatic habitat conservation or restoration
  2. Through collaboration or other methods, rapidly and/or significantly take to scale innovative tools and techniques for water conservation

2. Species and habitat conservation: This category will support projects within the program focal areas that contribute significantly to the conservation of aquatic or terrestrial species and their habitats with a special emphasis on species of conservation concern (e.g., “Species of Greatest Conservation Need” as defined in State Wildlife Action Plans). Preference will be given to projects that can quantify the species or habitat benefits designed to improve populations of species of conservation concern. Within focal areas found in grassland ecosystems examples of bird species are of interest and include, but are not limited to, Baird’s sparrow, burrowing owl, Cassin’s sparrow, chestnut-collared longspur, lark bunting McCown’s longspur, and Sprague’s pipit. This category will also support projects within the program focal areas that contribute significantly to the restoration/conservation of water for the benefit of fish and wildlife habitat. Preference will be given to projects that can quantify the fish, wildlife, or habitat benefits/response resulting from the project. Projects that develop or implement innovative approaches within this category are also of interest. Funding will primarily support the following strategies:

  • Increase populations of “Species of Greatest Conservation Need” through the implementation of priority restoration strategies identified in State Wildlife Action Plans
  • Restore in-stream flows and habitat for aquatic species
  • Restore or enhance grassland, sage, or riparian habitat for terrestrial and/or aquatic species
  • Engage ranchers and farmers, and the agricultural sector in developing and implementing best management practices that benefit grassland bird habitat (e.g., enrollment in Farm Bill programs)

Amount: Approximately $1,000,000 is available to award grants that range from $25,000-$250,000 and average $50,000-$150,000. The program period is for up to two years. Awards require a minimum 1:1 match of cash or contributed goods and services, of which at least 50% should be from non-federal sources.

Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations (or their international equivalents); state or federal government agencies; local governments; Indian tribes; and educational institutions. Geographic focus areas are detailed below:

  • Projects focused on water or biodiversity conservation must occur in one or more of the following states/provinces: United States: Alaska, Colorado, Louisiana, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming; and Canada: Alberta and northeast British Columbia.
  • Projects focused on water innovation are eligible throughout the U.S., Alberta, and British Columbia. Projects located in the program focal areas listed above or have direct transferability to those areas are of special interest.

Link: http://www.nfwf.org/spirit/Pages/spirit2017rfp.aspx

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