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Deadline: June 20, 2023

CYFD: Community Based Family Outreach Program

The Community Based Family Outreach Program will select organizations to provide Community Based Family Outreach (FO) Services in the State of New Mexico.  House Bill 376 was passed in 2019 to implement a multi-system response for families that come to the attention of CYFD. The model to be implemented is a differential response methodology that will focus on 3 tracks including:
1) Prevention response;
2) Alternative response to investigation; and
3) Traditional investigative response.

The goal of this model is to reduce the likelihood of repeat maltreatment and families experiencing involvement with Protective Services. Community Based Family Outreach providers are contracted to work with families included in the prevention response track. Families who are referred to Community Based Family Outreach contract providers are:
1) Families whose report to the State Central Intake (SCI) was “screened out” as not meeting the statutory requirements for abuse and neglect, and
2) Voluntarily accept a referral from CYFD Family Outreach to engage in Community Based Family Outreach services.

Amount: TBD; contract awards will be made.

Eligibility: Providers across the state of New Mexico; all counties are eligible for service.

Link: https://cyfd.bonfirehub.com/opportunities/96243

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