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Deadline: October 31, 2019

ecoAmerica: American Climate Leadership Awards

Communities, organizations, and individuals all across America are helping build the public and political support that is needed for climate solutions. Their work can serve as examples to learn from, and models that can be repeated and implemented to achieve scale are needed. The American Climate Leadership Awards 2020 (ACLA 2020) is a way to recognize and reward efforts that achieve results and help build the societal conditions that accelerate and expand the transition to a just, thriving, and sustainable world. The identification and promotion of these examples will help others replicate these effective models and make progress happen faster.

Climate Leadership Awards will recognize work that is successfully expanding and diversifying public support and political will for climate solutions. Awards are for results already achieved, not for plans. They are for transformational social change and mobilizing climate action, not technical efforts or commitments.

Award winners will receive awards at the ACLA 2020 in Washington, DC on March 25-26, 2020. The ACLA is the nation’s largest and most diverse gathering of climate leaders dedicated to broadening and catalyzing action and advocacy for effective climate solutions.

Amount: Ten finalists will each receive $10,000 plus a trip for two to the ACLA. All finalists will be recognized, and a runner up (total $25,000) and winner (total $50,000) will be announced at the ACLA Gala dinner on March 25, 2020.

Eligibility: Individuals or organizations working from within or engaging health, faith, youth (including educational institutions), or local communities.

Link: https://ecoamerica.org/american_climate_leadership_awards_app/

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