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Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation: 2021 Rebuilding Better RFP

Deadline: April 5, 2021

Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation’s Entrepreneurship Policy strategy focuses on policy advocacy and engagement with entrepreneurs to spur adoption of pro-entrepreneurial policy at the local, state, and national levels. The Rebuilding Better RFP is intended to support activities that engage entrepreneurs in advocacy and educate policymakers of the challenges entrepreneurs face in America, thereby contributing to more supportive environments for entrepreneurs. The goal is to identify and fund high-quality projects that will spur adoption of pro-entrepreneurial policies at the local, state, and national levels.

Proposals should include elements of either of the following objectives (but do not need to include both):

  • Policy engagement: Increasing policymakers’ understanding of entrepreneurship and the barriers to new business creation lays the groundwork for policymakers to take action.
  • Entrepreneur advocacy: When entrepreneurs’ voices inform policy debates, policymakers are more likely to understand the needs of entrepreneurs.

Funding will support the following types of grants:

  • Project or program grant: A grant to create, support, or grow a specific program, project, or activity that is tied to specific programmatic outcomes.
  • Pilot grant: A grant to establish an innovative project or program that will serve as a model, if successful, and may be replicated by others.

Applicants must select one of three funding tracks.

1. Building Support for America’s New Business Plan: This Plan is a bipartisan policy roadmap that seeks to level the playing field for all Americans by expanding access to opportunity, capital, practical knowledge, and the necessary support for entrepreneurs to take risks. Projects funded through this track must increase awareness of America’s New Business Plan and generate support for policies aligned with it. Read more about this Plan here: https://rfp.kauffman.org/protected/resource/eyJoZnJlIjogOTkzOTY4NTIsICJ2cSI6IDE2NjU5NX0/

2. Addressing Challenges Faced by Entrepreneurs of Color: America’s entrepreneurial landscape does not currently reflect the diversity of its communities. Projects funded through this track must address a policy need faced by entrepreneurs of color and articulate a plan to educate policymakers on the challenges these entrepreneurs face. Read more about these challenges here: https://rfp.kauffman.org/protected/resource/eyJoZnJlIjogOTkzOTY4NTIsICJ2cSI6IDE2NjYwMX0/

3. Advocating for Kansas and Missouri Entrepreneurs: Projects funded through this track must address a policy need in the Kansas or Missouri entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Amount: Grants will range up to $250,000 over 18 months. Average awards are anticipated at $150,000.

Eligibility: 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations located within the United States and its territories.
Additionally, organizations apply for Addressing Challenges Faced by Entrepreneurs of Color must demonstrate a commitment to racial equity as exhibited by a diverse board of directors and staff, a stated commitment to diversity and inclusive practices, and/or at least one person whose primary function is to serve as a direct liaison to the community the organization is trying to impact.

Link: https://rfp.kauffman.org/prog/2021_rebuilding_better_rfp/

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