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Deadline: June 20, 2019

Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas: Partnership Grant Program

The Partnership Grant Program (PGP) provides funding for the operational needs of community-based organizations (CBOs)–nonprofits involved in affordable housing, stimulating small business development, or providing small business technical assistance. The program is offered through eligible Bank member institutions to eligible CBOs.

Grants are intended to help promote and strengthen the relationships between CBOs and the Bank’s member institutions, and to complement the development activities currently fostered by the Affordable Housing Program (AHP), Community Investment Program (CIP), and Economic Development Program (EDP) of the Bank. Partnership Grant funds may be used for the following purposes:

  • Organizational Capacity Building: To offset operation and administration expenses; purchase or rent equipment or computer software, etc; hire staff and/or consultants; secure technical assistance, training, or consulting; or to sponsor special program-related events, meetings, and/or conferences
  • Assistance in Applying for Grants and Other Funding Sources: To cover expenses in preparing applications for Bank programs; and hiring fund-raising and/or grant-writing consultants
  • Research and Studies: For marketing, feasibility, and planning studies for economic development and affordable housing projects; environmental studies; or lead and asbestos testing
  • Contractual Services: For architectural, engineering, and survey fees (pre-development project costs); or for legal, accounting, and administrative costs (program operating expenses)

All funds will be allocated through a lottery system. If a CBO sends in multiple applications from different member institutions, all of the applications from that organization will be grouped together and counted as one for the lottery drawing.

Amount: The maximum Bank grant permitted is $12,000 per member grant to a CBO. The maximum annual Bank grant per CBO is $24,000. The total maximum lifetime Bank grant available to the CBO is $60,000.

Eligibility: The applicant must be a member of the Bank. New Mexico members are listed here: https://www.fhlb.com/membership/Pages/Find-a-Member.aspx

The co-applicant must be a CBO with an annual revenue of $600,000 or less and must be located within the Bank’s five-state District of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, or Texas. The CBO must have 501(c)(3) recognition by the IRS. For federally recognized tribes, the tribe must have a copy of the IRS determination letter indicating that the organization is a tribal government entity. An economic development oriented CBO is qualified for the program if the community-based (neighborhood) organization is engaged in stimulating or maintaining a business activity and/or employment in its local community.

Link: https://www.fhlb.com/community/Pages/Partnership-Grant-Programs.aspx

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