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Deadline: March 15, 2016

First Nations Development Institute: Food Sovereignty Assessment Grants

Food Sovereignty Assessment grants will support Native communities interested in conducting food sovereignty or community food assessments to gain a better knowledge and understanding about the historical, current, and future state of their local food systems.

A food sovereignty assessment is a community-based data-collection process that can provide a variety of information about the evolution of the local food system; help quantify individual, household or tribal program/government spending on food; Native dollars spent off-reservation on food purchases; potential for food business development; traditional food access; community desires for local food-system development; food policy desires or needs; and more.

First Nations provides many resources, tools, and grants to assist Native communities in conducting food assessments, including the Food Sovereignty Assessment Tool (FSAT). The Food Sovereignty Assessment grant is intended to support efforts of Native communities looking to gather information and data to understand the evolution of their food systems and make data-informed decisions about the future, including to develop mechanisms to increase local food-system control.

Proposals should have defined goals and objectives for a potential food assessment; a plan to publicize and carry out the assessment within a reasonable timeline; a defined plan that uses multiple methods to collect information from and about the community; and a plan for use of results and dissemination of assessment findings.

Amount: 10 grants of up to $10,0000 each are expected to be awarded.

Eligibility: U.S.-based Native American-controlled nonprofits, tribes and tribal departments, tribal organizations, or Native American community-based groups with eligible fiscal sponsors that are committed to increasing healthy food access in rural and reservation-based Native communities and improving the health and well-being of Native American children and families.

Link: http://www.firstnations.org/grantmaking/2016FSA

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