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Deadline: July 27, 2015

Funders’ Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities: Partners for Places

Partners for Places is a matching grant program that creates opportunities for cities and counties in the United States and Canada to improve communities by building partnerships between local government sustainability offices and place-based foundations. National funders invest in local projects to promote a healthy environment, a strong economy, and well-being of all residents. Through these projects, Partners for Places fosters long-term relationships that make urban areas more prosperous, livable, and vibrant. Place-based foundations offer unique knowledge of their communities and the ability to provide seed money for important projects. Local government offers the power to move projects through planning and development. Working together results in sustainability programs that save money, improve the environment, increase efficiency, and promote the well-being of all residents.

Successful proposals are for projects that the local government sustainability office and local place-based funder(s) consider important to the community. The project must advance a key aspect of at least one of the following:

  • A community-focused sustainability, climate action, or comprehensive plan provision that specifically addresses sustainability
  • Any plan endorsed by the mayor or city manager that states the goal of balancing economic development, environmental quality, and equity
  • An area identified for performance improvement or implementation for Certified STAR Communities

Amount: One-year grants: $25,000-$75,000; two-year grants: $50,000-$100,000. Grants require a 1:1 match commitment at the time of the proposal from one or more local, place-based foundations.

Eligibility: Teams of at least two partners who are: 1) the sustainability director of a city (municipality) or a county, and 2) the local, place-based foundation(s).

Link: http://www.fundersnetwork.org/partnersforplaces

Note: There will be an informational call on June 8 at 1 pm MST. To register: http://www.fundersnetwork.org/events/event-details/partners-for-places-informational-call-June-8-2015

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