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Deadline: August 13, 2015

Impact Fund: Litigation Fund for Social Justice

The Impact Fund awards grants to non-profit legal firms, private attorneys, and/or small law firms who seek to advance social justice in the areas of civil and human rights, environmental justice, and/or poverty law. It seeks to provide funding for public interest litigation that will potentially benefit a large number of people, lead to significant law reform, or raise public consciousness.

  • Human and Civil Rights: The Impact Fund is interested in cases involving discrimination or other civil rights violations that affect the indigent. Examples of areas of interest are: deprivations in the criminal justice system, racial profiling, denials of immigrant rights, post-9/11 cases involving denial of rights under the Homeland Security Act, denial of educational access and equity, and voting rights violations.
  • Environmental Justice: The Fund focuses on environmental justice cases that seek to address the disproportionate impact of environmental hazards on communities of color or low income communities.
  • Anti-Poverty/Economic Justice: The Impact Fund is interested in cases challenging denial of rights in governmental programs or private action that affects the indigent or near indigent such as low wage workers, including denial of essential governmental services or benefits, health care, housing, access to justice, predatory lending or unfair debt collection practices, or wage and hour violations.

Amount: Grants will range from $5,000-$25,000, with the average being $13,000.

Eligibility: Private attorneys, small legal firms, or nonprofit legal entities that do not have sufficient access to funding sources. Cases should have potential for broad impact, such as cases seeking systemic relief and class actions.

Link: http://impactfund.org/legal-grants/

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