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Deadline: April 2, 2019

JAMS Foundation / National Association for Community Mediation: Community Mediation Grant Program – Prison Re-entry and Re-integration

The Community Mediation Prison Re-entry and Re-integration Program is an opportunity to focus on conflict related to employment, education, family, and community involvement for those who are recently released or scheduled to be released from the criminal justice system. These services should be able to be replicated by community mediators as a path for sustainability and growth for the field of community mediation, as well as to inform the development of training, evidence-based strategies, policy, and research at the national level.

Grants will be awarded to organizations to be used as incentive funds to support the expansion of work with issues confronted by former prisoners in the areas of employment, housing, domestic relations, or education. Priority will be given to projects that:

  • Seek to develop collaborative community relationships to effect positive systemic change in regard to prisoner re-entry and re-integration (Hallmark 8; see Hallmarks below under eligibility)
  • Work to engage in public awareness and educational activities about the values of using community mediation for prisoner re-entry and re-integration (Hallmark 9)

The Program is designed to encourage creativity and variation based on research. Service strategies will be developed through the implementation of the “Listening for Action” Leadership Process and strengthened by at least one policy or procedure change developed and locally implemented over a two-year period. Grant recipients will work together throughout the grant period anchored in the Learning Community. The Learning Community is a structured and collaborative peer working group facilitated by the National Association for Community Mediation (NAFCM). This structure serves as an incubator for innovation by aiding in the development of “good practices.” All written materials developed through these grants will be shared with community mediation centers and mediators across the continent. By distributing these materials, sharing programmatic resources, providing training, and developing national partnerships, NAFCM supports the replication of these service models and ensures the Program’s impact on an international level.

Amount: Grants of $12,000 a year will be awarded to up to five organizations. The funding period is for up to two years.

Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and public or for-profit agencies working in conjunction with nonprofit institutions or organizations. Funding will support organizations that work to incorporate the nine NAFCM Hallmarks of Community Mediation and believe that this funding and technical assistance support opportunity is a good fit for the needs of their work and those with whom they work. The nine hallmarks of a community mediation center are:

  1. A private nonprofit or public agency or program thereof, with mediators, staff, and governing/advisory board representative of the diversity of the community served
  2. Using trained community volunteers as providers of mediation services, the practice of mediation is open to all persons
  3. Providing direct access to the public through self-referral and striving to reduce barriers to service including physical, linguistic, cultural, programmatic, and economic
  4. Providing service to clients regardless of their ability to pay
  5. Providing service and hiring without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, age, disabilities, national origin, marital status, personal appearance, gender orientation, family responsibilities, matriculation, political affiliation, or source of income
  6. Providing a forum for dispute resolution at the earliest stage of conflict
  7. Providing an alternative to the judicial system at any stage of a conflict
  8. Initiating, facilitating, and educating for collaborative community relationships to effect positive systemic change
  9. Engaging in public awareness and educational activities about the values and practices of mediation

Link: https://www.nafcm.org/page/ResourceNews

Note: An informational conference call will be held on March 19th, 2019 at 4:00 PM Eastern Time. There is a limited number of spaces for this teleconference. To obtain the link for the conference send a notice of interest to NAFCM at MiniGrant2019@nafcm.org.

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