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Deadline: September 12, 2016

Jewish Helping Hands

The work of Jewish Helping Hands (JHH) is rooted in the Jewish principle of tikkun olam, the concept that people are called upon to be God’s partners in repairing what is broken in our world. JHH launched its Tikkun Olam Grant program in 2012 to advance its goal of inspiring and supporting tzedakah, justice and righteousness, throughout the world. The goal is to help vulnerable populations in the United States and abroad through a variety of programs focused on economic development and social empowerment, with a particular focus on those demographics that have been overlooked and/or marginalized.

In cooperation with local communities, JHH supports programs that are sustainable and scalable through financial and hands-on support. Its objective is to promote organizations and projects that will make a tangible and lasting difference in the lives of the populations they serve. With each of its grants, JHH also intends to share its experience and expertise, so as to help further joint missions.

JHH will consider making grants to individuals or organizations that show clear promise to achieve one or both of the following:

  • Respond to unmet needs of those who are poor and/or marginalized
  • Promote self-help and empowerment within communities

In the 2017 Grant Cycle, JHH is focusing on projects to improve these areas: Infant Hunger, Clean Water Access, and Paths to Independence/Self-Sufficiency in the U.S., Africa, and in worldwide impoverished Jewish populations.

Amount: Up to $5,000.

Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations with operating budgets under one million dollars.

Link: http://jewishhelpinghands.org/grants/

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