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Deadline: October 9, 2015

Jobs for the Future: Student Success Centers

Student Success Centers organize a state’s community colleges around common action to leverage and accelerate efforts to improve student persistence and completion. They provide faculty with venues for sharing and learning, aggregate technical assistance efforts, and help colleges collaborate. Student Success Centers build a cohesive approach to policy advocacy across their state’s community colleges so that resources are spent efficiently and reforms help the most students possible earn postsecondary credentials. These Centers, which have been launched in seven states, provide the vision, support, and a shared venue for a state’s community colleges as they work in partnership on a collective student success agenda. Student Success Centers take the lead in communicating to institutional stakeholders the components of a broad completion agenda and in building a coherent strategic approach to engagement, learning, and policy advocacy across the state’s two-year institutions. Based on the experience of the current Centers, the primary functions of a statewide Student Success Center include:

  • Convening and engagement
  • Student success strategy alignment and coherence
  • Data use to guide priorities and investments
  • Research and knowledge management
  • Policy development and advocacy

This RFP is supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Kresge Foundation.

Amount: $250,000 per year for two years, plus technical assistance from Jobs for the Future.

Eligibility: Two-year college systems, community college associations, or other statewide entity in any of the 50 United States with sufficient access to and trust of the state’s community college leaders (excluding those seven states with existing Student Success Centers – AR, CA, CT, MI, NJ, OH, TX).

Link: http://www.jff.org/initiatives/postsecondary-state-policy/student-success-center-network

Note: There will be a webinar for applicants on September 14 at 12:00 MST. See the RFP to register, or view it online at a later date at:

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