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Deadline: June 1, 2016

Kids in the Game: GO! Grants

GO! Grants seek to spark and sustain physical activity programs that take place before, during or after the school day. The funds may be used for equipment, facilities, professional development for adults, and programs that increase students’ physical activity to the recommended 60 minutes or more per day. Guidelines are detailed below:

  • Projects must be new or represent an increase in physical activity for already-existing programs. Grants are not designed to provide operating support for current school programs.
  • Projects are primarily focused on students ages 5-12, but can include other ages as well.
  • Qualifying projects must designate a “Champion” – a key person who is responsible for project oversight and implementation.
  • Schools may sub-contract with other organizations and people to deliver the program; however, funds will be distributed directly to the applicant school.
  • Projects may designate a specific target group to receive services: for example, special education students, students with health issues, students in a particular grade, etc.
  • Schools may create their own innovative project or choose a program from the list of successful programs from the Kids in the Game website.
  • The project must include specific performance or health measures to evaluate student success and progress.

Preference will be given to:

  • Keep it Going! Projects that include a specific plan for sustainability: for example, purchasing sports gear that can be re-used, volunteer or student training, a community partner who adopts the program, etc.
  • Innovative projects that can be replicated in other school sites
  • Projects that offer activities that kids and their families can engage in outside of regular program time
  • Projects that make use of available resources and tools for design and implementation to increase impact without increasing cost

Amount: Grants will range from $1,000-$5,000. The maximum allowable project cost is $40 per student.

Eligibility: Public or charter schools that serve K-6 students. Schools should be enrolled or willing to enroll in Lets Move! Active Schools. Grants are available in all states and the District of Columbia.

Link: https://www.kidsinthegame.org/go-grant-school-activity-grants/

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