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Deadline: September 30, 2019

Kresge Foundation: Place-Based Opportunity Ecosystems

Local place-based opportunity ecosystems – comprising mutually reinforcing public, nonprofit organizations working across systems such as education, health, workforce development, and others – hold enormous promise in advancing social and economic mobility in particular cities.

The Foundation defines “Opportunity Ecosystems” as systems work within communities that create strategic, action-oriented, dynamic, and enduring environments, and are aligned by a shared purpose and set of values that supports the advancement and acceleration of social and economic mobility for children and families. It seeks to promote collaboration across sectors and the integration of service delivery, community engagement, and economic development at local levels.

With this work, the Foundation seeks to promote collaborations across sectors and integrating service delivery, community engagement, and economic development at local levels.

To determine an ecosystem’s strength and sophistication, Kresge and the American Public Human Service Association have developed an ecosystem readiness tool that measures six readiness factors (such as governance structure, leadership, and strategic financing) against the Human Service Value Curve (HSVC) to assist in understanding an ecosystem’s functioning and impact.

The Foundation invests at all levels of the curve, with the intention that ecosystems will advance over time and provide lessons to other ecosystems around the country.

Amount: Giving ranges are not specified for this solicitation.

Eligibility: U.S. 501(c)(3) organizations with audited financial statements that are not classified as private foundations and government entities in the United States.

Link: https://kresge.org/programs/human-services/place-based-opportunity-ecosystems

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