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Deadline: January 31, 2019

Laura and John Arnold Foundation: Building Rigorous Evidence About How to Improve Postsecondary Success

The Building Rigorous Evidence About How to Improve Postsecondary Success solicitation seeks research and evaluation project proposals to test interventions related to postsecondary success (including but not limited to student learning, persistence, completion, time to completion, job placement, and post-college earnings). The Foundation is particularly interested in interventions that promise to improve success among underserved students, such as low-income students, students of color, adult students, and veterans.

Two types of research and evaluation project proposals will be funded:

Innovation Tier. The Foundation recognizes that many innovative ideas will not be ready for larger-scale evaluations of impact until they can be successfully piloted. This tier will support proposals to implement and study postsecondary interventions that are supported by compelling logic by performing pilots at small scale.
Validation Tier. The Foundation is seeking proposals to rigorously evaluate interventions that either have highly promising prior evidence or are widely implemented. Proposals should help to build policy-important evidence about “what works” to increase postsecondary success in a cost-effective manner. The Foundation strongly prefers randomized controlled trials (RCTs) but may consider rigorous quasi-experimental evaluations with strong designs under certain conditions.

The Foundation is interested in interventions across a range of postsecondary settings, including both 2- and 4-year institutions. Although the primary interest is interventions offered within a postsecondary setting, proposals related to other settings (e.g., high school, prisons) with a clear focus on postsecondary success are also welcome.

Amount: A total of up to $10,000,000 is available. There is no maximum allowable budget for each grant award, but applicants are encouraged to conduct studies at low or modest cost whenever feasible. Applicants should propose a budget that adequately addresses the needs of the research project. If an applicant is invited to submit a full proposal based on the initial letter of interest, the Foundation will send a template that outlines standard budget requirements.

Eligibility: Applicants are generally tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations; universities; or governmental units. If an organization is not a tax-exempt organization and is interested in applying, they may contact the Foundation (see solicitation for more details).

Link: http://www.arnoldfoundation.org/request-for-proposals/

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