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Deadline: August 12, 2019

Life Comes From It

Life Comes From It is a grantmaking circle that seeks to fund projects and collaborations from restorative justice, transformative justice, and indigenous peacemaking organizations. There are two grantmaking categories:

1. Individual projects. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Build an alternative approach to justice in the local community (e.g., create a community conflict transformation site in a local neighborhood)
  • Devote time to facilitate transformative justice or community accountability processes that include ways to connect people to systemic issues (e.g., a long term process that addresses sexual harm in a community without relying on the state)
  • Develop a restorative justice (community conferencing) youth diversion program in collaboration with local schools, faith-based organizations, community organization, courts, or police
  • Implement a peacemaking or restorative justice project in a local school
    Communicate clearly about what the applicant does so as to draw people in (e.g., put up a website about work, or create a short documentary that helps convey the power of this work and can be used by others in the movement)
  • Make the restorative or transformative organization’s work sustainable (e.g., fund the organization’s health insurance, pay organization workers for the first time, or build the infrastructure and cover operating expenses)

2. Networks, convenings, and collaborations that enhance movement building. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Convene leaders regionally or nationally who are doing similar work to you to deepen the network, share practices, and/or take action on a shared goal
  • Initiate a long-term regional collaboration between community members, activist organizations, and systems partners to create a paradigm for community accountability and safety
  • Connect peacemakers from across the nation to share a vision for indigenous peacemaking
  • Convene activists from the three fields supported by this fund together to get to know and learn from each other, which in some places may be for the first time
  • Develop a regional truth telling project about historical or current harms​

Amount: Grants of up to $25,000 will be awarded.

Eligibility: Tax exempt, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations.

Link: https://www.lifecomesfromit.org/

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