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Deadline: October 3, 2014

Multi-Arts Production (MAP) Fund

The Multi-Arts Production (MAP) Fund is founded on the principle that experimentation drives human progress, no less in art than in science or medicine. The Fund welcomes applications from artists, ensembles, producers and presenters of a high artistic standard, whose work in the disciplines of contemporary performance embodies this spirit of exploration and deep inquiry. MAP is particularly interested in supporting work that examines notions of cultural difference or “the other,” be that in class, gender, generation, race, religion, sexual orientation or other aspects of diversity.

Amount: Up to 40 grants per annual cycle will be awarded, ranging from $10,000 to $45,000. The average award amount is $25,000. Grants tend to range from 25-30 percent of the project’s budget.

Eligibility: organizations based in the United States that have current nonprofit federal tax status (501c3). Unincorporated artists or ensembles may apply to MAP through a fiscal sponsor.


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