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Deadline: November 21, 2014

National Association for Latino Community Asset Builders: Rural Capacity Technical Assistance

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development awarded National Association for Latino Community Asset Builders (NALCAB) a grant to deliver Technical Assistance (TA) and capacity building services to rural communities in select states. The purpose is to strengthen the capacity of eligible entities that engage in rural affordable housing and community development efforts. The NALCAB team will provide technical assistance, training, support, and advice to develop the business and administrative capabilities of rural community-based housing development organizations, rural Community Development Corporations (CDCs), rural Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs), rural local governments, and Indian tribes. The overall goal is to assist eligible entities that are devoted to working in rural communities, to develop and implement effective housing and community development plans. This can be achieved by helping to develop the skills and technical capabilities necessary to undertake effective community development activities.

TA funds must be utilized to carry out rural community development and affordable housing activities for low- and moderate-income families and persons including the acquisition, construction, or rehabilitation of housing for low-income families and persons, and community and economic development activities that create jobs for low-income persons.

NALCAB will prioritize TA awards based on the following considerations:

  • Economically distressed and isolated communities that have substandard housing stock
  • Communities with a need for basic services and infrastructure
  • Communities with high poverty rates and low per capita income
  • Communities with seasonal or low employment rates
  • Communities with limited access to quality credit and affordable mortgage financing
  • Shifting demographics; indicated by an increasingly minority and senior population
  • Racially segregated communities
  • Potential for job creation

Amount: NALCAB will provide on-site or remote TA to recipients to build organizational capacity or to advance specific affordable housing or economic development projects. To best respond to the needs of rural organizations, it is anticipated that the TA engagements may consist of comprehensive TA, federal cross-cutting skills-based TA, TA that responds to an acute and urgent need, TA that is focused or targeted, or TA that supports and captures innovative practices that can be shared and replicated.

Eligibility: The following entities are eligible: local governments, Indian tribes, housing development organizations, rural CDCs, and rural CHDOs. Applicants must be located in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Indiana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, or Washington.

Link: http://nalcab.org/rural-capacity-ta

Notes: A potion of these TA Funds has been earmarked for recipients of HUD’s Border Community Capital Initiative (BCCI).

Priority consideration will be given to respondents who submit information by November 21, 2014. The initial screenings of requests will be completed and invitations to submit a full TA proposal will be issued December 1, 2014, and invited TA proposals are due by January 15, 2014.

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