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Deadline: August 8, 2019

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation: Rio Grande Headwaters 2019

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) will support projects that restore, protect, and enhance riparian species of conservation concern and their habitats in the headwaters region of the Rio Grande watershed. This region includes the main stem and headwater tributaries of the Rio Grande in Colorado’s San Luis Valley and northern New Mexico, as well as the headwaters of the Rio Chama, Jemez River, and Rio Puerco. Priority projects will address the leading factors in aquatic species decline such as habitat alteration, environmental change, and invasive species. Maintaining healthy headwater streams can help store water upstream and provide security for water users, fish, and wildlife downstream.

Projects benefiting one or more of the following species are priorities for funding: Rio Grande cutthroat trout, Rio Grande chub, Rio Grande sucker, and North American beaver.

Priority restoration activities that address key limiting factors for focal species in the Rio Grande headwaters region include:

  • Riparian habitat restoration and enhancement
  • In-stream restoration and enhancement
  • Increase water availability for species and their habitats and/or remove barriers to flow
  • Reintroduction and translocation of focal species

Amount: Up to $265,000 is expected to be available to make 4-6 grant awards. Applicants must provide at least $1 in matching funds for every $1 of NFWF grant funds requested. Eligible matching sources can include cash, in-kind donations, and/or volunteer labor which are directly related to the project proposed for funding.

Eligibility: Local, state, federal, and tribal governments and agencies (e.g., townships, cities), special districts (e.g., acequias, conservation districts, planning districts, utility districts), nonprofit 501(c) organizations, and schools and universities.

Link: http://www.nfwf.org/swrivers/riogrande/Pages/2019rfp.aspx

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