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Deadline: April 14, 2015

National Science Foundation: STEM + Computing Partnerships (STEM+C)

The STEM+C Partnerships program seeks to significantly enhance the learning and teaching of science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), and computing by K-12 students and teachers, through research on, and development of, courses, curriculum, course materials, pedagogies, instructional strategies, or models that innovatively integrate computing into one or more STEM disciplines, or integrate STEM content into the teaching and learning of computing. In addition, STEM+C seeks to build capacity in K-12 computing education with foundational research and focused teacher preparation. Projects in the STEM+C Partnerships program should build on research in STEM education and prior research and development efforts that provide theoretical and empirical justification for proposed projects. Pre-service and in-service teachers who participate in STEM+C projects are expected to enhance their understanding and teaching of STEM and computing content, practices, and skills.

STEM+C invites creative and innovative proposals that address emerging challenges in the learning and teaching of STEM and computing. The program offers proposers two tracks: (1) Integration of Computing in STEM Education and (2) Computing Education Knowledge and Capacity Building. The second track is discipline-specific and may be expanded to include additional disciplines in future releases of the solicitation.

Award: Total: $43,000,000; Estimated number of Track 1 awards: 20-25; Estimated number of Track 2 awards: 10-12.

Eligibility: Individuals and organizations in the following categories may submit proposals: universities and colleges; nonprofit, non-academic organizations; for-profit organizations; state and local governments; unaffiliated individuals, such as scientists, engineers, or educators who are not employees or affiliated with an organization; foreign organizations that propose cooperative projects involving the foreign organization and US organizations; and other federal agencies (under special circumstances).

Link: http://www.nsf.gov/funding/pgm_summ.jsp?pims_id=505006

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