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Deadline: December 6, 2019

New Mexico Arts

Note: There is an earlier deadline of October 18, 2019 for advanced review. This is required for new applicants.

New Mexico Arts funds arts activities in the following discipline areas: Performing arts, visual arts, literary arts, media arts, multidisciplinary arts (involving more than one artistic discipline), and interdisciplinary arts (relating two or more artistic disciplines). It supports programs that foster arts education, arts economic development, performing and visual arts, and contemporary and traditional folk arts in New Mexico. Funding categories are:

  • Arts Projects: Supports organizations with unrestricted income that ranges from $100,000 to $749,999 for arts activities.
  • Major Cultural Organizations: Supports organizations with an income of $750,000 or higher, providing funding for arts activities.
  • Colleges, Universities, and Government Entities: Supports colleges and universities, local and county governments, and Indian tribal government entities for arts activities. Organizations must have an income of $750,000 or higher. Programs must be marketed and accessible to the general public in addition to students, faculty, and staff.
  • Community Arts: Supports arts projects in small organizations (unrestricted income of up to $99,999) whose primary purpose and activities are aimed at serving the general public of the community in which they are located.
  • Arts in Social Service: Supports arts organizations or social service organizations for arts-based projects that focus on addressing social issues with a primary purpose of reaching specific populations (people who are incarcerated, homeless, abused, ill, etc.) or fosters artistic activity that formally encourages civic dialogues on important social issues.
  • Traditional Folks Arts Projects: Supports organizations, Indian tribal government entities, local governments, and universities whose programs further, showcase, and help to perpetuate the various traditional arts practiced in New Mexico. Common types of cultural groups include family, community, occupational, ethnic, or religious. Folk Arts reflect the values and world-views of the groups that make them and are a rich and valuable heritage for New Mexicans.
  • Arts Learning in Schools: Supports programs taking place in K-12 schools either during school hours or during after-school programs. These programs may focus on creative process arts activities, arts activities integrated into other content areas, art history, or arts education professional development. In school residencies with individual artists are also included in this category. In school programs should be supplemental to the school’s regular arts education program.
  • Arts Learning in Community: Supports arts learning for K-12 school-age children outside of a school setting. These programs focus on creative process arts activities or the development of specific artistic skills and take place in 501(c)3 arts organizations.
  • Local Arts Councils and Service Organizations: Supports local arts councils that are tax-exempt organizations or agencies of government or Indian tribal entities and tax-exempt service organizations that provide services to artists, arts organizations, or in the field of arts education.
  • Economic and Entrepreneurial Development: Supports the economic development of communities and their artists. Projects may include arts-based cultural tourism activities (such as the support or development of studio art tours), and economic opportunities and training for artists (such as business training and market development).
  • Arts Trails: This program is an art and economic development initiative designed to put New Mexico artists on the map and bring the market to artisans and enterprises statewide. An arts trail is a series of artists’ studios, galleries, and other related sites within a geographic region. Grants are awarded in two categories: Arts Trails Start-Up and Arts Trails Development.

Activities funded for 2019 should have a public presentation component that takes place between July 1, 2020, and June 30, 2021.

Amount: A total of $980,500 was awarded through the last competition with grants typically ranging $1,000-$6,000 and averaging $4,000-$6,000. Applicants may request up to $20,000, depending upon the following categories:

  • Arts in Social Services; Community Arts; Economic and Entrepreneurial Development; Traditional Folk Arts: Up to $15,000, must include 50% match (half cash required)
  • Arts Projects; Arts Learning in Schools and Community; Arts Trails; Colleges, Universities, and Government Entities; Local Arts Councils and Service Organizations; Major Cultural Organizations: Up to $20,000, must include 50% match (half cash required)

Eligibility: Tax-exempt nonprofit organizations, units of government, schools, colleges, universities, and Indian tribal government entities in New Mexico. New Mexico based organizations wishing to apply that are not one of the above may enter into a fiscal sponsorship with a nonprofit organization.

Link: http://nmarts.org/grants/

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