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Deadline: November 12, 2014

New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department: Provider In-Home Services, Family Support Services, and Time Limited Reunification Services

The Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD) will establish a contract with a single entity through competitive negotiations for the procurement of Family Support Services, In-Home Services, and Time Limited Reunification Services in Valencia County.

In-Home Services (IHS) promote the safety of children and reduce the risk of child abuse or neglect by their parents or guardians without the intervention of the courts. IHS is an integrated comprehensive approach to strengthening and preserving families who are at risk for, or who are currently experiencing problems in family functioning. This service is provided to enhance the family’s capacity to provide for their children’s needs in a safe environment. The IHS worker functions as a facilitator of change by:

  • Assisting families to meet jointly defined goals that eliminate safety threats, enhance parental protective capacities, and reduce the risk of child abuse and neglect.
  • Providing the family skills to address crises and to modify the situation that led to the need for services.

Family Support Services (FSS) assist in developing programs aimed at discovering and preventing the many factors causing child abuse and neglect. This program will assist in secondary prevention in order to provide support to populations which are at high risk of abusing or neglecting of children unless specialized services are provided. These programs intervene prior to or during the early warning signs of family stressors, which can lead to child abuse and neglect. Services include those that:

  • Provide education and early, comprehensive support services to assist parents in acquiring parenting skills.
  • Reduce inappropriate expectations parents have of children by increasing knowledge of child development and appropriate child rearing/child management skills, and by enhancing parent/child interaction, communication and bonding.
  • Increase parent’s capacity to cope with added stress when caring for children with special needs.
  • Develop self-help groups and other needed services to prevent family dysfunction, isolation, and to increase peer support.
  • Utilize early developmental screening of children to assess the needs of children and to identify the types of supports to be provided.
  • Provide outreach services, community referral services, and follow-up services as part of the prevention program.

Time Limited Reunification (TLR) supports families in reunifying those children in CYFD Protective Services’ custody with their parents in an expedited time frame. This program provides time-limited intensive home-based services to parents. This program will include assisting parents in complying with their treatment plan and working intensely with parents and CYFD Protective Services division to assist in reunifying families in an expedited timeframe (no more than four (4) months from the date of referral) and within 12 months of the most recent removal from the home. Service are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and include:

  • Environmental assessment and intervention to improve individual and family interactions and skill building.
  • Increasing parent protective capacities of their children.
  • Self and family management.
  • Case management and coordination and linkages with other services and support in order to increase parental knowledge and reduce the risk of child abuse/neglect.
  • Reunification services that are inclusive of the family, the foster parents and child, if appropriate for his/her inclusion, Protective Services staff, extended family members and other community and service providers who are interested and deemed appropriate for inclusion.

Amount: $170,000 for IHS, $170,000 for FSS, and $120,000 for TLR. Duration: Two years. A 33% match (in-kind or cash) is required.

Eligibility: Offerors may be a public/private nonprofit corporation 501(c)3; a government agency including public schools, tribal units and institutions of higher education; a not-for-profit community-based organization; or a for-profit corporation that is able to provide services described. Collaborative entities and coalitions may also be considered for funding. Offerors must submit a proposal to provide all three services (FSS, IHS, and TLR) as outlined in the RFP. Services will be provided in Valencia County.

Link: http://www.generalservices.state.nm.us/statepurchasing/ITBs__RFPs_and_Bid_Tabulation.aspx

Note: A pre-proposal conference will be held on October 28, 2014.

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