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Deadline: April 24, 2019

New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department: Statewide Community Based Home Visiting Level II Services

Statewide Community Based Prevention and Promotion Home Visiting Level II Services will support organizations that will provide culturally and linguistically appropriate Home Visiting services to clients including cross-cultural communication and respect for the linguistic, ethnic, and gender-based differences that contribute to cultural identity. Cultural sensitivity within contracted providers also recognizes that the voices and opinions of culturally diverse members must shape the development of programs, systems, and evaluation strategies. New Mexico’s home visiting system aims to ensure that babies are born healthy; children are nurtured by their parents and caregivers; children are physically and mentally health; children are ready for school; children and families are safe; and families are connected to formal and informal supports in their communities.

To ensure that the New Mexico Home Visiting program addresses the complex needs of the New Mexican children, families, and communities, the New Mexico Home Visiting Program has been designed with two interacting levels of service depending on the family/community needs. All program options must comply with Level I Home Visiting requirements, standards, strategies, and principles as a foundation.

  • Level I – Prevention and Promotion: The Level I New Mexico Home Visiting Program is a prevention – promotion program for families who are expecting or have children under the age of three. These services are non-categorical, free, and offered on a voluntary basis to families. Level I Home Visiting services are designed to address the needs of the majority of children and their families served by promoting safe nurturing relationships between young children and their caregiver, and implementing strategies that prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and promote wellbeing.
  • Level II – Targeted Interventions and Prevention: The birth of a new child can be an occasion of joy, but it may also be a very stressful change for the family. Research has demonstrated that when poverty results in an inability to meet basic needs, it has also been associated with serious negative outcomes including child neglect and abuse. When stress is chronic, as it is in situations of abuse, neglect, or extreme poverty, scientists have termed it “toxic” because of its negative effect on the developing brain. Level II Home Visiting targeted services are designed to provide research-based interventions as a strategy to reduce adversity and thereby help improve brain and body wellness for children within the context of the family. Children thrive when the family environment supports the child and the child comes home to a stable and understanding environment. Home Visiting Level II interventions can help prevent or reverse the negative effects of ACEs by providing strategies to families that will support building resiliency for young children through stable and nurturing relationships between children and caring adults.
  • Level II for Specialized Programming (Level II-S) – Targeted Interventions Specialized: The Home Visiting Level II-S Home Visiting Programs implement a specialized program to serve the most vulnerable populations in the community, understanding that when young children face many challenges, their ability to thrive is compromised. As research has demonstrated, stress of the mother during pregnancy can alter brain development in the baby; strong maternal care is key to good emotional, social, and cognitive development, and can overcome some of the adverse effects of prenatal stress. There are many diverse and related risk factors faced by New Mexico children and families, including homelessness, domestic violence, prolonged neonatal and infant intensive care stay, to name a few. For example, studies have found that, compared to other children, homeless children have lower birth weights and experience higher levels of childhood illness, including asthma, ear infections, and gastrointestinal problems. Mothers experiencing homelessness have high rates of depression, severe traumatization history, and post-traumatic stress disorder. These issues may affect a mother’s ability to bond with her child and to parent effectively. Families in which parents struggle with domestic violence, mental health disorders, or substance abuse disorders, in addition to homelessness, may be in particular need of support. Level II-S services are designed to address some of those complex factors with strong collaboration and coordination with community agencies. Home visiting programs in isolation are not effective in achieving improvements in child or family outcomes.

CYFD is seeking to support Statewide Home Visiting providers Level II and Level II-S. Offerors proposing Home Visiting Level II Services must adhere to Level I Home Visiting as the foundational component of all State Home Visiting Services.

Amount: Funding will be awarded for a term of four years. Direct Services will be reimbursed in accordance with the current New Mexico Home Visiting Rate Schedule, as follows:

  • Level II Base Rate: $4,500 per family
  • Level II “PLUS” Base Rate: $5,000 per family
  • Level II-S Base Rate: $6,000 per family

Eligibility: Offerors are defined as anyone who chooses to submit a proposal. Existing programs must apply if they are changing or expanding their scope of programming.

Link: https://cyfd.org/for-providers/rfp

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