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Deadline: April 10, 2015

New Mexico Children’s Foundation

The New Mexico Children’s Foundation is a grassroots organization that funds small non-profit children’s organizations throughout New Mexico. A group can be a start-up with a strong mission or a growing organization with a special needs program. The Foundation’s core belief is that most children have a wide range of under-served needs. The Foundation’s goal is to provide meaningful grants to serve as many of those needs as possible through programs and projects that serve the physical, mental, educational, and social needs of children and their families. The Foundation strives to provide services all over the state of New Mexico giving its attention to the current and changing needs of children.

Amount: Funds requested must not exceed $6,000.

Eligibility: Nonprofit New Mexican children’s organizations with budgets under $300,000.

Link: http://nmchildren.org/annual-grants/

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