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Deadline: August 13, 2019

New Mexico Coalition for Literacy: Operating Assistance Grants to Local Adult Literacy Providers

The New Mexico Coalition for Literacy (NMCL) will support local adult literacy providers. All local adult literacy providers that offer basic literacy services to adults who read at or below the sixth grade level. Eligible providers must be primarily adult-oriented and utilize volunteer tutors in a one-to-one instructional setting. Programs that are primarily child-focused or that rely heavily on classroom instruction are generally not a priority.

Amount: Grants will range from $1,000-$30,000.

Eligibility: Eligible entity types are:

  • Volunteer literacy organization
  • Public or private nonprofit agency
  • Library
  • Community-­based or faith-­based organization
  • Local educational agency
  • Institution of higher education
  • Public housing authority
  • Nonprofit institution that is not listed above and has the ability to provide adult basic literacy instruction via trained volunteer tutors
  • A consortium or coalition of eligible entities listed above
  • A partnership between an employer and an entity listed above

Operating assistance grants are available for local literacy providers that:

  • Provide literacy services to adults who read at or below the sixth-grade level (as demonstrated through standard assessment instruments)
  • Offer one-to-one tutoring, exclusively or in large part, for delivering literacy services to adults
  • Use volunteer tutors with NMCL-provided or NMCL-approved tutor training, exclusively or in part, to provide literacy services
  • Serve adults living in New Mexico
  • All volunteer tutors must have: 1) tutor training offered by the NMCL (offered at no cost); or 2) ProLiteracy training that is approved by the NMCL; or 3) an exception on file with the NMCL for not having met one of these options prior to applying.
  • Applicants may incorporate English as a Second Language (ESL) services into supported work if they also offer adult reading services.

Note: If an applicant is neither a registered corporation (public or private) nor a unit of government, the applicant must use a fiscal sponsor. The fiscal sponsor must meet the eligibility entity type requirements. Applicants (or fiscal sponsors) must be in current compliance with all applicable government filings (e.g., New Mexico Attorney General, Internal Revenue Service, and Secretary of State).

Link: https://newmexicoliteracy.org/grants-available-from-the-new-mexico-coalition-for-literacy/

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