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Deadline: March 26, 2020

New Mexico Community Foundation: Permaculture Grant

The Permaculture Fund was established in 2018 to support New Mexico organizations doing permaculture-related work that includes the broader community. Permaculture is a method that seeks to integrate human activity with natural surroundings — using a whole-systems approach — to create highly efficient, self-sustaining ecosystems. Permaculturists apply what they learn from nature and traditional land-based cultures to the environment, developing ways to ecologically produce food, create shelter, creatively utilize water, design economic and governance systems, and meet human needs via informed ecological design.

The 2020 grant cycle will focus on projects that create healthy urban, rural, and tribal communities using one or more of the following permaculture principles:

  • Ecologically-sustainable agriculture (projects can include seed production, organic farming, and gardening)
  • Community revitalization through promotion of, and education about sustainable living practices (creative water use/harvesting, small-scale land restoration, natural building design, traditional skills/cottage industries, soil health, composting, and other zero-waste systems)
  • Cultural work that restores connections between ecosystems and people

Amount: Grants range from $5,000-$20,000. The total funding amount available in 2020 is not indicated. In 2019 $108,026 in funds were awarded to six organizations.

Eligibility: 501c3 organizations, organizations that have a fiscal sponsor that is a 501c3, tribal entities, school-based programs and government agencies. For the 2020 Permaculture Grant Cycle, organizations may apply for Project Support. Preference will be given to projects that are “shovel ready.”

Link: https://nmcf.org/for-nonprofits/permaculture/

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