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Deadline: April 26, 2018

New Mexico Crime Victims Reparation Commission: Sexual Assault Services Grant

The New Mexico State Crime Victims Reparation Commission will provide support for the following three service provision areas listed below:

Service Provision Area 1 – Sexual Violence Statewide Infrastructure: Applicants will provide statewide infrastructure, services, programs, and coordination to support statewide sexual assault services, intervention, services, and programs. The applicant must be an organization with the capacity to function across the state. Required components include:

  • Component 1: SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners) program services funding, technical assistance, and coordination, including statewide SANE coordination through a statewide SANE Coordinator; technical assistance provided to all existing and developing SANE programs, funded by the proposing agency, and statewide task force meetings, site visits, and daily contacts; and provision of statewide or regional SANE recurring trainings and updates to include new training to all pediatric SANE nurses to bring them into compliance with the new national Child Advocacy Center regulations.
  • Component 2: Provision of community resources, including the provision of general information telephone access from anywhere in New Mexico; distribution of referral information to local community resources and SANE programs; and assistance with and sharing of current resources specific to sexual violence.
  • Component 3: Connection to regional partners and programming, including the implementation of services in urban and rural settings including tribal communities.
  • Component 4: Specialized training, including training for therapists, social workers, probation/parole officers and investigators on responding to, interviewing, and treating youth with sexual behavior problems; training on creating access for survivors with intellectual and physical disabilities; and training that results in an increase of the number of therapists in New Mexico who are certified through a nationally recognized training program that utilizes best practice therapeutic interventions to perpetrators, including sexually abusive youth (18 years and under). Note: Applicants must demonstrate the ability to select and deliver trauma informed, evidence informed training programs. Subcontractors may be used to provide such trainings but must meet all contract criteria.
  • Component 5: Statewide coordination of child sexual abuse efforts, including technical assistance assistance, training, media, and policy development specific to children under 18; statewide child sexual abuse coordination through a statewide child sexual abuse coordinator; technical assistance provided to child SASP (Sexual Assault Service Providers), SANE, community mental health, and agencies serving un and underserved communities on policy, practice, and advocacy specific to child sexual abuse; provision of occasional statewide or regional child sexual abuse trainings and updates on policy, practice and advocacy in combination with other funding sources; outreach to priority populations specific to child sexual abuse issues.
  • Component 6: Sexual assault legal technical assistance, including to provide assistance to prosecutors, investigators, social workers, policy makers, advocacy programs, SANE programs and community mental health centers.
  • Component 7: Emergency funds: Provide emergency funds to support and address the immediate needs of sexual assault service providers and the adults and children affected by sexual assault and sexual abuse by providing access to appropriate services and situational needs when no other resource is available.

Service Provision Area 2-Children and Adolescents Sexual Assault/Abuse Exam Services: Applicants will ensure the provision of medical evaluations for children and adolescents who have been sexually abused and/or sexually assaulted including, but not limited to: comprehensive physical exams, on-call, 24-hour services, clinical programs, education and training, child advocacy and community services. Required components include:

  • Children and adolescents sexual assault/abuse exam services, including capacity for leadership role in responding to, treating, and studying child sexual abuse cases and providing education and outreach about child sexual abuse; provision of consultation services for other care providers and follow-up care for sexual abuse and assault victims and their families; willingness to lend medical review expertise in severe sexual abuse cases throughout the state and to provide training to high-level professionals and service providers in the area of child maltreatment; and provision of opportunities for training to local medical school interns and other students interested in becoming leaders in the field of child abuse and neglect.

Service Provision Area 3-Sexual Assault Service Providers: Required components include:

  • Sexual assault service providers victim services, including intervention and related assistance such as: 24‐hour hotline services offering crisis intervention services and referral; accompaniment and advocacy through medical, criminal justice, and social support systems, including medical facilities, and court proceedings; crisis intervention, individual and group support services, and comprehensive service coordination and supervision to assist sexual assault victims/survivors and family or household members; information and referral to assist the sexual assault victim/survivor and family or household members; community‐based, linguistically, and culturally specific services and support mechanisms including outreach activities for underserved communities; development and distribution of materials on issues related to the services previously detailed; accessibility outreach, interpretation services, translation services, Limited English Proficiency activities, and purchase of adaptive equipment; and outreach activities to increase access for un-served, inadequately served, and underserved populations.

Priority consideration: A requirement of this state-funded Sexual Assault Services Grant is to make subgrants under this award giving priority to areas of varying geographic size with the greatest demonstration of need; to take into consideration the population of the geographic area to be served; to distribute monies equitably on a geographic basis, including non-urban and rural areas of various geographic sizes; and to identify and address the needs of the underserved populations in New Mexico.

Note: Refer to the solicitation to review required deliverables for each Service Provision Area outlined above.

Amount: A total of $3,324,100 is available, of which:

  • $1,469,900 will be allocated toward Service Area 1-Sexual Violence Statewide Infrastructure
  • $352,600 will be allocated toward Service Area 2-Children and Adolescents Sexual Assault/Abuse Exam Services
  • $1,501,600 will be allocated toward Service Area 3-Sexual Assault Service Providers (a minimum of $580,000 to support organizational development and capacity building of severely underfunded sexual violence programs throughout New Mexico)

Eligibility: Eligibility is specific to each service provision area, as follows:

Service Provision Area 1 – Sexual Violence Statewide Infrastructure: The successful applicant will be a nonprofit, non-governmental New Mexico organization that has provided the following statewide services for a minimum of five years:

  • Training and technical assistance to sexual assault service providers (rape crisis services, SANE programs, and community mental health agencies) throughout New Mexico on issues related to sexual violence, evidence-based practice, agency management, and coordinated community responses to addressing sexual violence, national trends, and collecting current state and national data specific to sexual violence.
  • Development and dissemination of sexual assault program requests for proposals, solicitation of potential applicants, convening and facilitation of proposal review committees, development of contracts, and management of the fiscal and programmatic services provided by subgrantees.
  • Established staff positions that currently provide training and technical assistance to sexual assault service providers (rape crisis services, SANE programs, and community mental health agencies) throughout New Mexico.

Service Provision Area 2 – Children and Adolescents Sexual Assault/Abuse Exam Services: The successful applicant must be a physician-based clinic (e.g., the physician must be the Director of the program, with the physician providing a high percentage of the exams).

Service Provision Area 3 – Sexual Assault Service Providers: Rape crisis centers, sexual assault nurse examiner programs or other nonprofit, non‐governmental victim service organizations, including faith‐based and other community organizations, including tribal nonprofit organizations, based in New Mexico, that provide core services, direct intervention, and related assistance to victims/survivors of sexual violence.

Link: https://www.cvrc.state.nm.us/information/sas-statewide-funding/

Note: An optional grantwriting workshop/proposal webinar will be accessible on CVRC’s website beginning on April 3, 2018. The workshop is pre-recorded and there is no need to register.

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