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Deadline: April 29, 2016

New Mexico Department of Health: School Based Health Center Services

The New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) is requesting proposals for the provision of school based health center services. The NMDOH is seeking to secure contractor(s) to deliver integrated primary and behavioral health care to students, as well as health promotion and risk reduction activities in School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs) located on the following school campuses: Des Moines, Gadsden, Chaparral, Santa Teresa, Centennial High School, and Rio Grande Preparatory School.

The scope of work shall consist of coordination, implementation, and evaluation of integrated primary and behavioral health care services in a facility located on a school campus; collaboration and coordination of care with school health staff and community health and behavioral health agencies; implementation of health promotion and risk reduction activities; continuous quality improvement focused on adolescent and school health; and youth, family, school, and community engagement needed to promote and sustain health services delivered in a school setting.

Amount: One or more contracts will be awarded. The contract period is up to three years.

Eligibility: Offeror is defined as “any person, corporation, or partnership who chooses to submit a proposal.”

Link: http://nmhealth.org/publication/rfp/

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