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New Mexico Early Childhood Education & Care Department: Home Visiting Grant

Deadline: April 14, 2021

The Home Visiting grant seeks to establish awards through competitive negotiations for the procurement of statewide community-based and promotion home visiting services for New Mexico Early Childhood Education and Care Department (ECECD). Home visiting offers services on a voluntary basis to pregnant women, expectant fathers and parents, and primary caregivers of children from birth to kindergarten entry.

ECECD is seeking organizations that will provide culturally and linguistically appropriate home visiting services to clients including cross-cultural communication and respect for the linguistic, ethnic, and gender-based differences that contribute to cultural identity. Funded applicants are expected to work collaboratively at the local, regional, and state-levels and tribal to support the establishment of a comprehensive and aligned quality early care, education, and family support system that is available to all children and their families in New Mexico.

Applications are also being accepted for the Centennial Home Visiting Program:

  • Provides voluntary, evidence-based home visiting services through kindergarten entry for at-risk pregnant women and their child.
  • Eligible applicants must implement one of the two evidence-based home visiting models designated by the U.S. Department of Health Human Services: Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) or Parents as Teachers (PAT).
  • Funded applicants must comply and adhere to evidence-based model fidelity and NM Home Visiting Standards, https://www.nmececd.org/early-childhoodprofessionals/

Amount: Direct Services will be reimbursed in accordance with the per-family reimbursement rate. Total compensation awarded will be calculated by the number of families served per program type multiplied by the appropriate rate. Current rates are below and are also posted on the ECECD website.

Rates per Service Program Option:

  • Level I Base Rate $3,500 Per Family, Per Fiscal Year
  • Level I “PLUS” Base Rate $4,000 Per Family, Per Fiscal Year
  • Level II Base Rate $4,500 Per Family, Per Fiscal Year
  • Level II” PLUS” Base Rate $5,000 Per Family, Per Fiscal Year
  • Level II-S Base Rate $6,000 Per Family, Per Fiscal Year

Only Centennial Home Visiting provides funding for startup costs. Implementation costs include model fidelity training components, materials, and other startup fees. Along with first year of startup costs, Centennial Home Visiting Programs will receive a rate of $600 per family/month or $7,200 per family/fiscal year.

Funding will be awarded for a term of four years with the exception of the Centennial Home Visiting awards that are start-up only awards, thus is available only for the first year of implementation. Funding is contingent upon the annual appropriation by the New Mexico Legislature or other funding sources.

Eligibility: Organizations should have appropriate expertise for similar home visiting services. Applicants must be seeking funding either to open a new program, to expand the number of families served in an existing program, or to sustain current services. The grant application is open to existing programs wanting to expand number of families, new programs, and tribal home visiting programs.

Link: https://www.nmececd.org/ececd-home-visiting-grant-2021/

Note: A Zoom meeting will be held on March 9, 2021. See the application for additional details.

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