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Deadline: April 20, 2017

New Mexico Environment Department: Rapid Assessment Method for Springs in Southwest New Mexico

The Wetlands Program of the New Mexico Environment Department Surface Water Quality Bureau (NMED) is collaborating with contractors in developing a Rapid Assessment Protocol for the inventory and assessment of springs in southwest New Mexico. This rapid assessment protocol for springs ecosystems will allow New Mexico to develop a framework to assess the condition of springs and prioritize restoration opportunities.

Awarded contractors will obtain and review existing, publicly available data containing locations of springs and associated physical, biological, and administrative data (e.g., soils, geology, elevation, land-use, ownership); develop a set of assessment metrics that describe spring condition; identify likely stressors to create a stressor checklist; create a rapid assessment manual, field guide, and data collection worksheets; contribute to a project Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP); conduct a pilot study; collect and analyze data from a minimum of 40 springs to both develop, test, and refine the assessment protocol; provide training in the final version of the rapid assessment protocol; and provide quarterly and final reports and other duties. This project will focus on springs found in Ecoregion 23 (Arizona/New Mexico mountains) including the New Mexico counties of Catron, Sierra, Grant, and Luna.

Amount: One to several contract awards will be made. Contractor and subcontractor rates must not exceed a rate of $616.53 per day or $77.06 per hour. Travel (per diem costs for food and lodging not to exceed $85 per night, and mileage not to exceed the current federal rate). Other costs will be evaluated on an item-by-item basis. Contracts are not expected to exceed 36 months.

Eligibility: An Offeror is defined as any person, corporation, or partnership who chooses to submit a proposal. Offerors must qualified to provide the goods and services required.

Link: http://www.generalservices.state.nm.us/statepurchasing/ITBs__RFPs_and_Bid_Tabulation.aspx

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