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Deadline: February 12, 2016

New Mexico Historical Records Advisory Board: Historical Records Grant Program

The Historical Records Grant program works to improve preservation of and access to New Mexico’s historical records. The program’s purpose is to strengthen and support records programs in New Mexico. Grants are awarded annually to applicants who demonstrate need, financially and programmatically, and show commitment to solving problems associated with the preservation of and access to their historical records. Funding priorities (ranked in order) include: 1) preservation, and 2) access and training. Secondary priorities include: documentary research, programs that promote New Mexico history (e.g., exhibits, conferences, or documentaries), and the development of records and archival management programs. Priority is also given to first time applicants and underserved communities.

Examples of projects that could be supported include:

  • Preservation projects that promote the availability of historical records. Examples include: processing collections through arrangement and description; indexing; creating electronic catalog records; automating finding aids; digitizing historical records; placing copies in other repositories that have agreed to accept them.
  • Training programs that focus on developing best practices that can be used to train staff in more than one repository or in a repository experiencing high turnover.
  • Research projects that provide original scholarly exposition or interpretation of documentary evidence of New Mexico history based on original records for general usage. Since these projects are a lower funding priority, proposals must be very well developed if funding is to be obtained.
  • Promotional programs that promote the preservation or access to historical documents such as conferences, workshops, symposia, audio/visual presentations, etc.
  • Program development projects that establish or elevate standards of archival or records management practice in the application repository. This approach involves surveys of collections, assessment of environmental controls and establishment of records management programs

Amount: The maximum award is $8,500 per applicant. Applicants must provide a minimum match valued at 25% of the total cost of the grant award in either cash or in-kind services and/or materials. The in-kind must be rendered during the project period.

Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations and government organizations, including state agencies, public schools, district courts, public colleges and universities, county offices, municipal offices, political subdivisions, or tribal government offices.

Link: http://www.nmcpr.state.nm.us/nmhrab/regrant-program/

Note: Draft applications are encouraged in advance of the deadline, and due by December 4, 2015.

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