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Deadline: November 1, 2015

New Mexico Humanities Council: Mini Grants Program

The New Mexico Humanities Council (NMHC) provides funding for quality humanities programs which are enjoyed by diverse public audiences across New Mexico. The humanities examine the human condition with particular emphasis on: the liberal arts; the cultural implications of the natural sciences, social sciences, and professions associated with such fields; and individual self-expressions that deal with abiding and perennial questions. The humanities facilitate ways of understanding and evaluating the human experience.

Projects funded by NMHC should meet the following guidelines:

  1. Involvement of Humanities Scholars: Humanities scholars play central roles in all phases of a project – planning, presentation, and evaluation. They participate as professional scholars drawing upon their academic expertise. Professional humanities scholars have advanced training – usually advanced degrees – in a humanities discipline and are active professionally in the humanities as researchers, teachers, writers, or community scholars.
  2. Humanities Content: The humanities are central to activities funded by NMHC. Projects focus on one or more of the humanities disciplines, or on applying the methods of the humanities, such as critical thinking, analysis, and interpretation to current social or public policy issues and concerns. Funded projects might include components which do not involve the humanities, provided they are subordinate to activities which do use the humanities.
  3. Balance of Viewpoints: Projects provide a balanced treatment of different viewpoints, especially projects dealing with controversial contemporary issues. Projects are required to avoid advocacy and bias in their overall design.
  4. Public Audiences: Projects involve and address out-of-school adults and families as their primary audience. This may, however, include specific audiences such as professional, civic, ethnic, and community groups.
  5. Cost Sharing: At least one-half of each project’s total cost comes from non-NMHC sources, often as in-kind contributions such as donated services, facilities, goods, and volunteers’ time.

Amount: The mini grants program provides grants that are less than $2,000. The Humanities Council also administers another grant program in which grants are made that are more than $2,000.

Eligibility: Private, nonprofit organizations; institutions of higher education; state, local, and federally-recognized Indian tribal governments; and ad hoc groups of persons that form an association to carry out a project. Organizations or groups that apply for funding must be constituted for nonprofit purposes, but it is not necessary that they be incorporated or have tax-exempt status.

Link: http://nmhum.org/grants/

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