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Deadline: August 30, 2019

New Mexico Public Education Department: Indigenous Education Initiative

The Indigenous Education Initiative will support transformational educational opportunities in New Mexico districts and schools that serve a significant number of Native American students. The Initiative will provide additional resources and key supports aimed at innovation and community engagement work that promote academically excellent and culturally relevant educational opportunities. The end goal of this funding is twofold:

Students benefit from initiatives that design schools to provide the best opportunity for academic preparation for college, career, and community leadership, for identity development, and for holistic health
Funded projects act as “bright spots” for future investment by the NMPED to expand and/or replicate successful programs based on community needs and desires in Indigenous Education

Proposed programs will inspire and empower local systems to dramatically improve and transform education and life outcomes for Native American students and will be grounded in New Mexico’s strengths of culture and place. The intent is for innovation and flexibility combined with technical assistance to meet community priorities for education and respond to the changing educational landscape and identified needs of Native students in New Mexico. Funded programs will participate in a three-year process that includes community engagement, professional development, and technical assistance, with the end goal to re-launch schools that are designed to build on community strengths and meet community needs for Indigenous education.

Programs must prioritize authentic stakeholder and community engagement and partnership, and must be aligned with the Indian Education Act. Applicants are encouraged to thoughtfully engage stakeholders throughout this application process and once funded to ensure the program and services meet the needs of their local communities, students, families, and schools. New Mexico Public Education Department priority areas for school improvement and community engagement include:

  • College, career, and life readiness
  • Culturally and linguistically relevant education and social and emotional learning
  • Culture and identity development
  • Increasing access to Indigenous language programs

Programs must also be aimed at:

  • Increased positive student academic and social outcomes
  • Increased readiness for post-secondary education and career pathways
  • Engaged communities, tribes, and families
  • Identification of best practices to serve as “bright spots” for replication in other areas of the state

Amount: A minimum of three grants that range from $150,000-$250,000 will be awarded annually for a project period of three years.

Eligibility: The following New Mexico public school districts and/or state-chartered or school district-chartered schools are eligible:

  • Aztec Public Schools
  • Albuquerque Public Schools
  • Bernalillo Public School District
  • Bloomfield School District
  • Central Consolidated School District
  • Cuba Independent School District
  • Dream Diné Charter School
  • Dulce Independent School District
  • Dził Ditł’ooí School of Empowerment, Action and Perseverance (DEAP)
  • Espanola Public Schools
  • Farmington Municipal School District
  • Gallup McKinley County School District
  • Grants/Cibola County School District
  • Hozho’ Academy Charter School
  • Jemez Mountain Public School District
  • Jemez Valley Public School District
  • Los Lunas Public Schools
  • Magdalena Municipal School District
  • Native American Community Academy (NACA)
  • Penasco Independent Schools
  • Pojoaque Valley Schools
  • Rio Rancho Public Schools
  • Ruidoso Municipal School District
  • San Diego Riverside School
  • Santa Fe Public Schools
  • Six Directions Indigenous School
  • Taos Municipal Schools
  • Tularosa Municipal Schools
  • Walatowa High Charter School
  • Zuni Public School District

District applicants must designate the specific school or schools that will be Indigenous Education Initiative project sites. Districts are encouraged to limit the number of schools participating to one to two schools in order to have a concentrated impact. Only one application is permitted per applicant.

Link: https://webnew.ped.state.nm.us/information/rfps-rfis-rfas/

Note: A webinar will be held on August 9th for interested applicants. The webinar will also be recorded for those who are unable to attend. See solicitation for additional details.

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