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Deadline: April 8, 2016

New Mexico Public Education Department: Truancy and Dropout Prevention Coaches

The Truancy and Dropout Prevention Coaches program seeks to establish a cohort of truancy and dropout prevention coaches placed in elementary, middle, and high schools across the state whose role is to work with students, families, communities, schools, and districts to improve attendance for habitually truant students, as well as decrease the number of students dropping out of school. Truancy is the result of multiple factors that may cause a student to disengage from school and eventually drop out. Young adults who do not graduate high school are more likely to be unemployed, chronically ill, poor, on welfare, and/or incarcerated. For this reason, it is vital that comprehensive community and school-based strategies be set in place to overcome the barriers to school attendance faced by students of all ages and in all communities.

Districts and schools participating in the Truancy & Dropout Prevention Coaches program will have access to strengthened support regarding issues of truancy and dropouts at the school, student, and family levels. With enhanced engagement and time devoted to whole-school preventative measures, as well as targeted and intensive interventions, it is the goal that schools should see improvement in areas of attendance and graduation.

Amount: Funding will support placement of truancy and dropout prevention coaches in schools (amounts are unspecified).


  • Participating schools may be elementary, middle, or high schools.
  • Districts/Charters that apply must have: 1) a district level habitual truancy percentage at or above 15%; 2) a district elementary, middle, or high school habitual truancy percentage at or above 15%; or 3) a district dropout percentage at or above 4%.
  • Regional Educational Cooperatives (REC) representing more than one district, are also eligible. If applying through an REC, the REC will complete the application as the lead applicant with documented support from participating districts.

Link: http://ped.state.nm.us/ped/rfps.html

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