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Deadline: June 22, 2015

New Mexico Public Education Department: Workforce Readiness Programs

The New Mexico Public Education Department (PED) is seeking to establish of up to five Workforce Readiness Programs (WRPs) statewide that serve students who attend New Mexico public schools. As part of the program, students undertake rigorous academics and career technical education coursework to graduate with a diploma and a work-ready certificate in order to enter fields with the highest growth, demand, skills, and wages. WRPs promote Advanced Placement and the advancement of dual credit courses to help high school students make a seamless transition through graduation and into various fields of postsecondary engagement. WRP structures are innovative, interactive, research-based, and support positive outcomes for high school aged students. Integrated academic and Career Technical Education (CTE) opportunities support academic growth in meeting the Common Core Standards (CCSS) and the Common Career Technical Core Standards (CCTCS) in a structured program of study which meets local and state graduation requirements, contains a structured four-course sequence of sufficient size, scope, and quality in the CTE component, and leads to work readiness credentials recognized by business and industry.

With more than 14 million students nationwide, CTE programs in high schools and postsecondary institutions are developing a skilled, sustainable workforce who are well prepared for high-demand, high-skill, high-paying jobs. In particular, WRPs help students discover the wide range of career options available to them, chart the most efficient paths for students to achieve those goals and work directly with business and industry partners to ensure that their programs are developing the most necessary skills, credentials and technical knowledge. WRP partnerships include community members, representatives from local business and industry, accredited, credit-granting postsecondary institutions as well as apprenticeship programs, a cornerstone of WRPs, a proven training ground wherein students gain real world training while in school. WRPs align to the most dynamic sectors of New Mexico’s economy.

Amount: An estimated minimum award may be $75,000 per WRP. However, an average award may be $100,000 or more. To the extent practical, the PED will distribute funds equitably among geographic areas within the State, including urban and rural communities.

Eligibility: An eligible entity may be a public Local Education Agency (LEA) including State-Chartered Charter Schools, Regional Education Cooperatives (RECs), or a consortium of two or more eligible entities. Criteria for Targeted Schools: Among all applicants, the PED is seeking eligible entities who especially serve students attending struggling (C, D, or F) schools in low income areas, rural areas, and non or limited Carl D. Perkins funded LEAs.

Link: http://ped.state.nm.us/ped/rfps.html

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